Monday, October 06, 2014

Broken Fingers

At gymnastics Oliver over-extended his fingers during a somersault. He was upset but calm and asked for ice. Emma Claire and I are in another building at gymnastics for a Mommy & Me gym class which gets out 15 minutes before Oliver's does. Once I walked back into the main gym where Oliver was and he saw me, he lost it and started crying. His coach came and told me what happened and that Oliver had been calm and ok until he saw me. He told me he thought Oliver had over-extended his fingers and that they would be sore.
Oliver wanted to leave gymnastics and calmed down once we were in the car. He only got upset for a few minutes so I didn't think he really hurt his fingers seriously. We went home and then took Chloe for swimming. Oliver didn't really complain except that he needed help with his seatbelt. He even told me he could start to bend his fingers (of course he didn't tell me that he couldn't bend two of the fingers at all). But, as the night went on, Oliver became grouchier upset at little things. I gave Oliver some Motrin and he told me he didn't want any more ice because it was cold. It wasn't until many hours later, after Oliver had gone to bed for the night, that I thought he may have broken his fingers. He kept waking up after falling asleep in pain. His fingers were now really swollen. Despite his protests, I told Oliver that we were going to the ER.
Since my Mom had left that afternoon and Matt was still in India, the three kids and I headed to the ER at the local hospital. We arrived around 8:45 p.m. to a packed ER where we waited and waited to see a physican and have an X-Ray. Around midnight Oliver finally had an X-Ray on his hand and it was determined that he had one broken finger and one possible fracture on another finger. His hand was splinted and we were told to see a pediatric orthopedist within 24 hours because Oliver's finger was fractured in his growth plate.
We got out of the ER at 1:15 a.m. I had three very tired children.

Waiting to have the X-Ray in the ER. Oliver was grouchy, upset and hurting before we got to the ER but once we got to a room to be seen, he turned on his Oliver charm like nothing was wrong at all. When the attending physician asked Oliver how he felt he said, "I'm happy!".

The kids managed to get up and go to school the next day despite their late, late night. I also got Oliver in to see a orthopedist that afternoon. After more X-Rays, she determined that Oliver had broken two fingers and would have to be in a splint on his fingers and hand for 3 weeks.

Oliver went to school in his new hand and finger splint the next day with no complaints. It wasn't until Thursday night that it hit him that his fingers and hand would be relatively useless for three weeks. Three weeks without full use of your hand to a five year old might as well be an eternity. Oliver was so upset and refused to sleep that night. Luckily Matt arrived home from India during the midnight negotiations with Oliver and was able to calm him down and convince him to go to sleep.

It was Friday afternoon when I got the call from the school nurse that Oliver accidentally lost his hand and finger splint in the lunchroom. Oliver "claims" his splint just fell off when he was throwing his food away. The very nice janitor, Bob, searched the trash can but couldn't find the splint. Since there was just a few hours left in the school day, the nurse made a makeshift splint for Oliver's fingers.

It wasn't until Oliver got off the bus that afternoon that I saw the makeshift splint and only one of his broken fingers splinted. He had her splint his index and middle finger when it is his middle and ring finger that are broken. When I asked him why he let her splint the wrong finger he told me he didn't think it mattered. He also declared his fingers were all better. Ha.

Much to Oliver's dismay, I had gotten a resupply of his splint and tape after the nurse's phone call. I re-splinted his broken fingers and made sure that it couldn't accidentally fall off. So far, so good. Almost one week down and three more to go.
My latest concoction to keep the splint on his fingers.

Friday, October 03, 2014

What a Week(s)

Over the last two weeks we've had our fair share of bad luck. It started before our trip to Quebec. The plan was that my parents would fly in and go with us to Canada. But, my father got shingles and the plan changed. We went to Canada without my parents and didn't have the best of luck on the track.
The day after we got back from our race trip to Canada, Matt went to India for a week and a half on business where he got really ill and a doctor had to be called.  Luckily some meds helped him feel better but he also got his iPhone stolen while out shopping for rugs.
With my dad on the mend, my mom decided to come and see the kids who had a four-day weekend. We enjoyed some fall colors and some warm weather. Having my mom come was a positive, but during her stay my sunroof on my car decided to refuse to close and had to go into the shop for repair. Several hundreds of dollars and nearly 7 days later my car was fixed. 
BeBe got to see Oliver play soccer and score two goals.
While Chloe and Oliver were in school, BeBe, Emma and I checked out the Hudson Valley farm-market scene.

The kids wanted to play a trick on Matt and send him this photo of them with the loaner car with a caption that read: "Mom bought a new car while you were out of the country."
The kids favorite activity, eating out at a local restaurant that has a sand pit for kids. I chaired a fundraiser for Chloe's school which donated a percentage of the night's dinner bill to her elementary.

My mom stayed a week and just a few hours after she left, Oliver broke two fingers doing a somersault at gymnastics. Lets just say that our trip to the ER wasn't pleasant and Oliver hasn't enjoyed having two finger restricted (more on that in another post).

Matt came back from India for a few days before heading out for another business trip in Florida. I'm hoping things will calm down a bit so I can get some laundry done and we can start prepping for two big trips/kart races we have this month.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Race Mom

With Matt in India on business, I was overseeing Chloe's club race. I had my mom to help watch Oliver and Emma Claire and also had the wrenching services of our friend and fellow race parent, George.
Chloe had some issues with her kart set-up and George tried to accommodate her as best as he could. We had Matt on Facetime a lot to also help walk us through it.
Chloe qualified on pole for the pre-final but made an aggressive move after falling to 2nd at the start and her chain came off sending her to the back of the grid for the final. She drove great in the final but our bad luck as of late proved that it hadn't left. She made a clean pass on another karter and was clearing them when they turned into her and pushed her off-track and once again to the back of the pack. It was really infuriating as it cost Chloe a spot on the podium.
In true Chloe form, she raced back from the back but didn't have enough laps remaining. She finished 4th.
I was really proud of how she raced and that she didn't give up. She was tied in the club championship for the lead, but after that race she sits in 2nd.
Driver's meeting before the racing begins.

A Mom and daughter selfie before qualifying.

On track.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Oh, Canada

We made our 2nd trip this year to race in Canada. I'm hoping the phrase, "The third time is the charm" will work out for us and Chloe when it comes to racing in Canada.
We had high hopes for this last Canadian regional race. Chloe would race with the Micro Canadian National Champion and would be coached by a four-time world champion kart racer. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out as we planned. The kart competition is fierce in Canada at the micro class and Chloe needs some more race experience with other karters of that caliber. It was a learning experience for her but also a disappointing one too.
A mistake in qualifying on Saturday became too large a hurdle to recover from and torrential rains and another mis-judgment caused her to go off during Sunday's race despite qualifying 4th. Chloe made it back on to the track and raced hard but it wasn't enough for the podium finish we had all thought would be hers.
It was good race experience and there is always next year.

Emma Claire in the bus. It was COLD Thursday and Friday in Canada so Oliver, Emma Claire, the dogs and I spent most of our time in the bus.

Oliver doing his homework since he missed two days of school.

A shot of the KMS Race team tent next to the track. Chloe ran with the KMS group at this race.

On the grid.

Lots of rain on track for Sunday's final.

In the KMS tent working on the kart.

Oliver didn't mind the rain.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mommy & Me

Emma Claire and I started a Mommy & Me class at a nearby church pre-school that she will probably attend next year (without Mom). She did really well the first day and jumped right in to the arts & crafts and play time activities.
I had a Mom fail which is obvious in the photos. Each week is a color and for the first day of class it was red. We were supposed to wear red and I totally forgot.
Snack time.

Emma Claire is selecting a book for reading/story time.

Making a craft.

Free play.

Emma Claire's favorite time---stamps!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


We got a bigger trailer for the karts a couple of weeks ago. Chloe's kart sponsor decided to spruce it up a bit. We're a real race team now!
Matt cleaning the trailer before we got the decals put on.

The trailer after.

Matt surprised us with addition of each family member's race #'s and a nod to each family member's heritage.
Matt is #15 with a Union Jack for G.B.
Oliver is #56 with the Ethiopian and U.S. flags.
Chloe is #33 with the Chinese and U.S. flags.

Emma Claire found her race #'s - ?? (because she doesn't race yet). You can see my race #'s to the right of Emma Claire along with the Texas and U.S. flags. I'm the team's chief cook and bottle washer so I got a fork, knife and wrench. Pretty clever.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Soccer is back in session. Oliver is on a new team this year...the Manta Rays.

We've had two games and it's rained both games. The kids played through the rain and were soaked. Oliver scored 3 goals. 

Oliver practicing before the game.

Chasing down the ball. This is before the rain began falling.

I hope it's not all grey skies and foul weather for the rest of the season. 
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