Sunday, March 01, 2015

Mom/Son Night Out

Big sister Chloe is back to the racing season and she and Matt have been in Florida this past week. Oliver gets upset when Chloe is gone so I set up a special afternoon for him to get some one on one attention. He got to pick the agenda. 

First up, the SpongeBob movie. He also conned me into an Icee and popcorn. I spent most of the 90 minutes pondering why theatres show 30 minutes of previews and how badly Antonio Banderas needed a paycheck to star in the SpongeBob movie. 

I had thought we would go eat after the movie, but Oliver wasn't hungry and the mall was PACKED (Saturday at a mega-mall just outside NYC means LOTS of people). Oliver saw that there was an ice skating rink in the mall and he begged to go ice skating--he keeps telling me he wants to play hockey. I obliged, we stood in the massive line to buy admission tickets when Oliver discovered there were arcade games at the ice rink. He opted for video games instead of skates. 

We walked back through the mall, stopping at a candy store and then Build-a-Bear where Oliver confided in me that he has a goal to get more stuffed animals than his sister Chloe. This is a goal that made me cringe. Chloe has TOO MANY stuffed animals. Nevertheless, I obliged Oliver and got him Raphael from the Ninja Turtles. I discovered shortly after that Raphael was just a ploy to get the sword accessories. Its always about the accessories at BaB.

I did get a kick out of what Oliver named Raphael. He told me when we went to the computer that he was going to stick with Raphael and then he asked me how to spell Formula1 driver, Lewis Hamilton's name. Perhaps he's getting the racing bug too?
Raphael, aka Lewis Hamilton

We left the mall, headed to the season opening of the local ice cream stand. There is two feet of snow and it was 13 degrees outside. We waited in line behind five other people for ice cream. Are we insane? It made for one happy, but cold little boy.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

100 Days of School

Thanks to the winter weather, it took a little longer to get to 100 days of school than expected, but Oliver did get to celebrate his 100th day of kindergarten on Wednesday, February 25th. 

He had to create a 100 days project using 100 things. I jumped on Pinterest and we chose 100 colors since Oliver likes to paint. 

Now, lets see how many days is takes to get through the last 86 days of the school year. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Emma Claire loves gymnastics and despite the look from the pictures, she's really having a great time swinging on the bar all by herself. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Days & Delays

Its been a really cold winter, with many school days off and school opening delays due to snow and cold. It's been a month since we haven't had a school delay or school closing on a Monday or a Tuesday. It seems every Sunday night we have a winter storm roll in. 

Keeping the kids entertained and happy has been a challenge, especially when its too cold to go outside. 

We've had to employ the use of some tried and true games and toys.  By far the most popular in this house, the doctor kit. All three happily played with this one for a long time.

Time for a check-up.
There is always Emma Claire's favorite, play doh. 

And, the older kids favorite, Wii or XBox One.

Come on spring.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!

Xīn Nián Kuài Lè! 新年快乐! 

Its the Year of the Goat! We had our friend Tom over for dinner and enjoyed P.F. Changs and red fortune cookies. Earlier in the day we laughed at our Chinese Zodiac characters as described in Oliver's kindergarten zodiac descriptions. We got a kick out of how they used every positive descriptor for ox in every way but saying "head-strong and stubborn". We have two oxen in the house---Oliver and myself. Chloe is a monkey, Matt is a rooster and Emma Claire is a dragon.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Paper Airplanes

The girls varsity basketball team hosted a paper airplane competition for the elementary school children during half time at one of their home basketball games. Oliver and Chloe wanted to compete.

The kids got free pom-poms to cheer on the team. 
We spent an afternoon watching You Tube videos on how to make a paper plane that flies far. Some of us were more interested in others. Funny enough, the one who lost interest was the one who did the best in the competition.

The kindergarteners and first graders competed separately with the 2-5th graders competing against each other.

Oliver (white shirt, dancing around) won the flight competition with his plane. He broke out into a dance when he won. Chloe's plane (she's in the bright pink on the right) looked like it was going to go far at the start, but came short in 4th place.
Oliver felt like a superstar.

Skipping back from his win. 

The winning plane. 

Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Just when we thought this winter wasn't too bad...

 the temperatures drop and stay below freezing and we get a weekly dump of snow.  And, lets not forget about the HISTORIC snow storm that wasn't (in our area anyway). I think pre-schoolers in warmer climates have had more schooling the last two weeks than my older two. It's early February and there is only two snow days left on the school calendar with more snow in the future.

Last week, when the snow fell and school was out (again) and you could still see the driveway. If we get anymore snow, I don't know where we are going to remove it to.

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