Boating Memories

Thursday, July 29, 2010 3 comments
My mom sent me these photos, without express consent of publishing them on the blog, and they are too priceless not to share.

This is the boat we had when I was a little girl. Sharp, isn't it? I can see Matt and I share the love of a matching boat & trailer with my parents. Nice.

Seriously...doesn't this look like the most depressing landscape ever? I can see why my parents bought a boat---to look at something other than dead trees, power lines and a rusty swingset next door. Good on you mom and dad!

And here's the crew--

We're on Lake Ouachita (in Arkansas). That's BeBe, Deanna (in yellow) and supposedly that little girl in the red life jacket is me--but that smile totally doesn't look like mine but the cow lick in the bangs is me. I like the black interior--must have felt nice in the hot sun. I also like how we're obviously dressed and ready to go in the water. Nice tube socks Deanna!

And finally---
me, asleep on the boat (I guess that was my only option since I obviously wasn't swimming in the floral, puff-sleeve blouse I was wearing).

Good times!

Lake Getaway

Sunday, July 25, 2010 1 comment
First, let me say Chloe is much better. She was up and about the next day.

Now, for this post, let me start with a photo of Matt, taken by Chloe (I was driving the boat), this weekend. It took some tries and trial and error on our part, me getting the speed correct on the boat, etc. but Matt got up and kneeboarded this weekend. We were all so proud of him!

Matt, the kneeboard master!

We camped this weekend in Pennsylvania at a really nice campsite, though we saw little of it because we were at the lake all day! We launched the boat at the marina where we bought the boat and we did it in style--the marina used their tractor launch us from the boat ramp. So nice! We didn't have to load the kids and back the car up at the boat launch, drive it to the dock and then tie it up and then drive the car and boat trailer to the parking lot, etc., etc. You get the picture. We all loaded in the boat, they backed us in at the ramp, unhitched us and we were off on the lake. They parked our trailer for us. What nice guys (of course, they then hit us up to upgrade to a 26 foot cabin cruiser).

This was our 2nd time boating on Lake Wall*enpaupack and I think it was probably the first time we really got to know the lake. The first time we boated on the lake it was a holiday weekend and crowded. We weren't impressed. This time we explored the lake and got a totally different feel for it. There were fewer boats on it this weekend and we cruised the lake and discovered a beautiful and secluded swimming cove where the lake meets the river that formed it. We also discovered the hidden party cove, where boats lined up side by side and people sat in their rafts with music blaring going from boat to boat.

We meandered through parts of the lake and Chloe finally got enough courage to sit in the bow of the boat (my favorite seat). She later told us riding in the bow was her favorite part of the weekend.
Crusing the lake with Matt, Chloe and Oliver riding in the bow.

Chloe had never wanted to ride in the bow before, she was too scared. Riding in the bow was one of my favorite memories of the boat my parent's had when I was a child and Chloe wouldn't go for it. Matt and I had discussed getting another boat with a cuddy and not a bow rider. I think our plans have changed (for now---there is that 26 foot cabin cruiser after all).

On Sunday, we decided to check out the nearest ski area to the lake, Tangl*wood. Its a small ski run but it makes the area a winter and summer destination and appealing to us.
Matt and Chloe looking at the lake from the chair lift on the ski slopes.

A view of the lake from the ski run.

We had a great weekend and plan on returning to the same lake next weekend for more kneeboarding and bow riding!

A Little Detective Work Leads to a Sick Day

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 1 comment
My poor girl, in bed with a fever this morning.

Chloe has never been a child to complain about feeling bad or even tell you when she felt bad---she's too afraid she would miss out on the action and most of the time she feels great. So far she has a superior immune system-- has never thrown up, had a sore throat, ear infection (well, she had swimmers ear once, but that was caused by ear wax!),  missed a day of kindergarten because she was sick or even had a high fever. When you have a child that is relatively healthy 99.9% of the time you get used to that and don't always recognize when they do get sick. Case in point--yesterday Chloe complained that her knee hurt. I looked at and didn't see anything to cause pain. Chloe told me that she thought she kicked too much swimming over the weekend. I thought it seemed plausible. That was it. That was the only complaint.

Fast forward to 7 a.m. this morning--where we finally put the pieces of the puzzle together thanks to two other clues Chloe shared with us---
  • Chloe woke in the middle of the night in a fit-ish sleep crying and speaking incoherent babble.
  • She ate nothing for breakfast and laid on the couch even though she said she was fine and wanted to go to camp.
After some inquiring and prodding and cajoling, Chloe finally shared that her head hurt and she was thirsty. Since Chloe never complains about feeling unwell, I reached for the thermometer and I took her temperature---103.5 degrees!

Needless to say Chloe did not go to camp, despite the begging and the tears (see I told you she didn't want to miss out on any fun) and did go to the doctor who determined our thermometer was off and she had a 104.5 degree temperature. Chloe has slept most of the day, only waking for her medication to reduce her fever. I went in this afternoon to check her temperature and give her another dose of fever reducer. I had to wake her. After giving her her medicine, she asked, "Mom, do I need to get up or can I sleep some more"? That's a sick Chloe!
Feeling better and out of bed this afternoon.

**Update: Chloe is up and around at 3:45 p.m. She told me she feels great and wants to play W*ii!**

More Boating

Monday, July 19, 2010 No comments
We had another great weekend enjoying the summer weather and our boat. We went out on the boat both Saturday and Sunday.

It's all about the snacks.

Chloe & Matt swimming in the lake and playing with the waterguns.

What to Do?

Saturday, July 10, 2010 No comments
Matts at a Po*rsche club event this weekend and the kids and I have been on our own since late Thursday evening. We got a break in the heat finally but it came with some rain so I searched for an activity we could all enjoy that would be indoors.

I had heard of the NY Hall of Science and after looking it up online, I decided that was the ideal entertainment for us today. After Oliver's morning nap we headed to the museum in Queens. Of course, I should have thought to check that the Hall of Science is next door to the Me*ts and that there was a game today, but aside from the traffic, we got to the museum.

Chloe in a "bubble" to view fish in a tank.

Learning about pulleys.

Playing miniature golf and learning about space exploration.

What a Deal

Friday, July 09, 2010 1 comment

I have to share this bargain I just came across at the Ga*p for all my friends in the blogosphere with kids. The Ga*p is having a clearance sale on kids denim, taking an extra 40% off already reduced prices. I just scored 6 pairs of jeans for Chloe to start school in at $4.18 each!!

The back to school Jean shopping is done--6 pairs of jeans for less than $26. I am so proud of myself!

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Six Months at Home!

Oliver has been at home with us for six months!! Time has gone so quickly and he seems to be growing so fast. I remember when we brought him home he was in a baby carrier!

The international adoption specialist/pediatrician referred to Oliver as a "late bloomer" when she last saw him a few months ago. Each month he has been home he has made greater strides to "catch up" and is now on target for his age. Oliver will soon have 4 teeth (his top two are coming in) and at 12 months old has begun to take his first unaided steps. His favorite words: "No", "Doggy" and "Daddy". He will also say, "ba ba" for bottle, "Mama", "hi", "nigh nigh" for night, night and "ba" for ball.

Now that Oliver has been home for 6 months, we can begin the readoption process (the state of NJ likes for you to have your child home for 6 months before you readopt, you can do it before but it requires multiple court appearances). I'm working on the paperwork now and we hope to have our court date in 2-3 months.

Mr. home for 6 months--

A Princess & A Prince

Wednesday, July 07, 2010 3 comments

Celebrating the 4th on the 5th

Monday, July 05, 2010 No comments
Matt and Chloe are at our town fireworks right now. Oliver opted for bed. I guess our town didn't want to compete with the NYC fireworks so they chose to celebrate the 4th on the 5th.

We took the boat out again today and had lots of fun tubing and swimming. We decided not to go out on the 4th as we thought too many boats and too many crazies would be out on the lake for the holiday. It turns out our bet paid off and there were very few people on the lake today. It was a hot day (nearly 100 degrees) and no wind so the water was nice and calm. Everyone got in on the action---even Oliver spent some time swimming in the lake and just floating in the tube.

Chloe and Matt with the new kneeboard.

Matt wants to learn to kneeboard so before we set out today we purchased all the kneeboarding paraphernalia. He made many valiant attempts at kneeboarding. Next time will be better.

Matt preparing the kneeboard.

It didn't help that I was distracted driving the boat with a knock-down drag out of a fight between Chloe and Oliver over a bag of Pi*rate Boo*ty.
Chloe won the war over the P*irate Bo*oty.

Oliver enjoying strawberries instead of his sister's snack. He would eat the entire container of strawberries if I let him. He loves them.

The rest of our day on the lake was spent having a family diving competition...

Chloe and I floated in the tube behind the boat while Oliver took a nap (while Matt held him).

After his nap, Oliver spent some time floating on the tube with me.

Overall it was a great, long weekend of boating. Hope everyone had a happy Independence Day.
Matt and Chloe "chillin" in the tube as Chloe calls it. Chloe has her water bazooka preparing to spray Oliver and I in the boat.

Happy 4th of July!

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Tubing at the Lake

Saturday, July 03, 2010 No comments
We spent the day at Lake Wallenpaupack and we bought Chloe a two-man tube. She and Matt went out in it twice. She didn't like it when you went too fast. The picture quality isn't that great. I took the best photos I could while also driving the boat.

And, Oliver captaining the boat...