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While BeBe and PaPaw were still here, we decided to go apple picking. The fall color is a little late this year, but the weather was perfect for apple picking. We went on a day that the kids were off school. Oliver went to play at Tae Kwon Do for an open play day so we only had Chloe and Emma Claire.

PaPaw helps Chloe pick.

Bebe, PaPaw and Chloe deciding which tree to pick.


Final Countdown for the Race Season

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The kart race season is coming to a close and we're going out with a bang. The kids started school on Wednesday, September 2nd  and on the Friday of that first week of school we we're heading out in the RV for the Coupe de Quebec race in Mt. Tremblant. Matt went ahead with the dogs in the motorhome and the kids and I came after school was out in the car. Since Chloe's final race, an Eastern Canadian Karting Championship race and Northeast Rotax Regional race combined, was to be at Mt. Tremblant we decided to leave the motorhome at the track so we could make a quick getaway and return in the car.

BeBe and PaPaw came to visit on September 15 and on the 16th we headed back to Mt. Tremblant for the ECKC race. This was Chloe's last big race for the year. The trip was a lot of fun as many other races who compete in the Northeast Rotax came to race as well. Not only did my parents come with us, but Bryan and Sue also made the trip up to watch Chloe race and to see Oliver and Emma Claire.
Emma Claire, Chloe, Matt, BeBe, Sue, Bryan, Me & PaPaw at the track with the ski slopes in the background.

It was a great "last hoorah" for the kart season. Chloe finished 5th in the ECKC, but we know that she will come back stronger and faster  in her 2nd year driving MiniMax. We really enjoyed racing in Canada this race season and have lots of great memories from all the trips we took. We were glad that our family and friends came up to Quebec to share in the beauty of the mountains.

Chloe and Oliver with some of the racers from the U.S.

Oliver, Dillon, Emma Claire, Chloe and Karsten--the usual suspects

Mom and I take a selfie on the drive up to Quebec.

Oliver, Emma Claire, BeBe and PaPaw at the top of the mountain

Oliver introduces PaPaw to poutine.

Chloe on track.

An "Amazing" & "OK" Summer

Chloe made this in a class and brought it home. I really loved the five words that described her summer, especially, "amazing" and "ok".

And, just like all kids, lets forget the summer trips to Canada to race and the vacation, or even that the she came in 11th place in the nation for her kart class at Summer Nationals. No, it was the waterpark. That was the best part of summer.


First Day of Pre-School!

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Emma Claire started pre-school. She goes two days a week, full-day. I'm happy to say that things went smoothly on the first day. She was very excited to start school and enjoyed it so much. She loves her teacher and her "friends" in class.

Emma Claire and her classmates at the open house two days before the official start of pre-school.
 Emma Claire came home with her first project from school. Perhaps peer pressure has begun because any who knows Emma Claire knows that pink is not her favorite color. PURPLE is undoubtedly her favorite color. And as for the food, well, it kind of is pasta, but it's really macaroni and cheese.

First Day of School

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School's back in!!! Chloe starts middle school as a 6th grader and Oliver is in 1st grade.
The day before school starts, the k-1 students get to meet their teachers, see their classroom and bring in their school supplies.

Oliver getting on the bus.