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This weekend was Porscherama at Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania. Matt left Friday for the event. Chloe and I came out on Sunday to watch. We didn't get too many photos at the event. I attempted to record Matt during the autocross but the video didn't come out too well.

Matt was reviewing the photos of the event and discovered that last Thursday Chloe got a hold of the camera and made her own video. I posted them after the blog as I think they are funny. Chloe had the cutest voice. I can't say she is the best photographer/videographer. But, then again she's two.

Matt after his autocross run. He came in 1st place in his class! Posted by Picasa

I Take a Picture

Chloe Taking a Photo/Video of Herself

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The lens of the camera got stuck, making it dark around the edges but I like it anyway. BTW, to our Texas friends and family...notice the long sleeves and pants? It's cold here!! There is such a thing as seasons. It's not just mild, hot and hotter like in Texas.  Posted by Picasa

Chloe smiling with her new Dora doll. Posted by Picasa

DTC for Emma Claire!

After paperchasing for over 8 months we are finally DTC for Emma Claire!!! Our agency called today to tell me that our dossier looks great and that they will be sending it to China tomorrow!! I am so pleased to finally have the gathering of documents behind us. I never thought that it would take so long to gather all of our documents. Of course, when we started, we never thought we would be moving to Jersey either.

After I got off the phone with our agency, I told Chloe that we were officially waiting for her little sister. Then I asked her if she wanted a little sister. Her response, "No, I want a pickle." Well, I complied with her request and then told her we had a while for her to come around to the idea of a little sister. At that moment our mailman arrived and Chloe ran to the door and said, "Get the mail!! Little sister is here!"

Well, I wish the wait was going to be that short, but we are probably looking at a 14-18 month wait at the minimum. I am certain that even though the wait is longer this time around that it will somehow seem to go quicker than the 9 month wait for Chloe. We seem to be a little busier now than we were in 2004/05.
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Daddy & Chloe on her first day of pre-pre-school. Posted by Picasa

Some of Chloe's artwork. This was made in her "Messy Midgets" class last week. Posted by Picasa

First Day of School!

Today Chloe and I went to our 1st day of school. We enrolled in a Mommy & Me class through the YWCA and hosted by a local church pre-school. It is two hours, one day a week and runs through the school year. The purpose is to help toddlers adapt to the pre-school/school environment while still in a comfort zone with their mom or dad present. There are 8 kids in Chloe's class, 5 boys and 3 girls. There are 2 teachers who run the class, as a parent, you just stand by and redirect your child if necessary.

This was the 1st week of the pre-school and we arrived early for our big day. The older children were being dropped off by their parents and there were many tears in the hallway and during our class. It made me worry about next year, when Chloe would enter pre-school as a three-year old on her own.

We decided to participate in the class so Chloe could socialize and she could feel safe in the pre-school environment when it came time for me to let her go it alone. I thought she would cling to me, but she ran straight in and began to play with the train. In the entire two hours, she only came to me 2 times. Once to help put on her smock to paint and the second to wipe her hands. She ran about playing quite happily, only occasionally looking for me to see if I was still there. I guess it put my fears to rest.

Chloe was the complete ham of the class. Both teachers knew her name after she had been in class for 1 minute and once all the other parents and children arrived they learned her name too.

Some highlights of Chloe's first day:
  • She was the only one to say her name during the introduction song.
  • She danced in the center of the circle during the song, "The Wheels on the Bus" and did all the movements. She also told her me and her teacher "I love you" during that line in the song.
  • She made a pal, Jack, whom she insisted on sitting next to. "I sit by Jack. Who's that? That's Jack!"
  • She managed to find the 3 play purses and open all of them searching for wallets. She was disappointed when she found only pretend food inside them. "No wallet!" and then discarded it.
  • She blew a kiss on the way out and gave her teacher a hug and a real kiss.

Obviously Chloe is a natural politician and knows who to butter up. She is definitely the most active child in the class. Of course, it was only the first day and when the other kids get more comfortable we will have to see who gives her a run for the money.

Cool Skater Shoes!!

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Today Chloe got a present in the mail from Melanie. Chloe eagerly opened the box to discover the cutest pair of pink and white check Vans shoes. She put them on straight away. I think these are the shoes that will replace the Crocs for winter. She wore them all today and was quite pleased when we went to the park and an older kid getting out of middle school noticed her "cool shoes".

Thanks Melanie!!!

The Vans sticker that came with the shoes even gets a place of honor on Chloe's high chair. Posted by Picasa

Ooooh...cool shoes. Posted by Picasa

Chloe's cool new pink and white check Vans. Thanks Melanie!!! Posted by Picasa

Chloe likes her new shoes!! Posted by Picasa

My Child, the Genius...

I don't want to brag BUT, Chloe is a genius. I have to first go into a long story to get to the how and why of her brilliance. So, be patient.

Yesterday it rained...all day. I think we got confused and moved to Seattle not New Jersey. Everyone keeps telling me it's not typical weather, but so far it seems pretty typical that it rains all the time. So, trapped in the house all day and beginning to loose my wits, I decided to take Chloe and myself up to the Barnes & Noble for some reading entertainment and to purchase some DVD's to keep us entertained because I failed to mention that our DIRECTV has been out for a week because of all the storms. And, DIRECTV can't come to repair it until September 11. That's over 2 weeks with NOTHING on tv...no news, no weatherman to let me know it's going to rain, no new fall shows that are premiering this week. I am distraught that I missed House and Nip/Tuck and becoming more p.o'd by the minute that it takes them 2 weeks to get to your house to repair a satellite. I pull into B&N in the rain to notice that Chloe had undressed herself. I was a little peeved that she had done so strapped into a car seat and in only a 5 minute drive too. Apparently being trapped in the house was getting on her nerves too. I was eager to get inside the store to purchase some reading materials for myself and Chloe and some DVD's and hopefully let her wear off some of her stored up energy in the Children's section. So, I hurriedly put on her pants and quickly throw on her shoes (her Crocs of course) when she begins yelling and kicking, "NO, Mommy, NO! Wrong foot silly!" I look down at her feet and sure enough I put her Crocs on the wrong feet. Clever girl.

After our B&N break, we return home with some books, magazines and DVD's (all for Chloe of course). I sit on the couch with Chloe, read a couple of books and decide to pop in a DVD she already had and enjoys, "Classical Baby". Up pops the HBO Films screen and Chloe runs to the TV and points and says, "H--B--circle". I couldn't believe it. She knew the letters on the screen!! (Ok, she thought the O in HBO was a circle but 2 out of 3 certainly ain't bad for a 27 month old). I haven't even been working with her on her alphabet. I sing the alphabet song with her and I have shown her the letters in her name, but that's all. She's brilliant.

Next, our stairs. She did enjoy counting the stairs (15 in all) but apparently that is so 2 months ago. Now, she likes to tell me the shapes (our stairs curve and are typical rectangles). As she walks up, she says, "Rectangle, rectangle, rectangle, rectangle, rectangle, triangle, triangle, triangle, diamond, triangle, diamond, triangle, rectangle, rectangle, rectangle." Most impressive.

Her latest feat of pure genius regards money. My child is obsessed with money. Of course, she only liked money before Aunt Deanna and BeBe visited. Anytime she would whine, they would hand over a handful of coins for Chloe because she likes to play with coins. She made a lot of money on their visit. After my family left, Chloe and I rounded up the $4 in change she acquired and put it in her piggy bank. I hoped that would be the end of the change fetish. But, last night as we dressed for bed, she had 56 cents in her pocket of her pants. "Where do you get the change?" I asked. "I find it," Chloe replied. "Where did you find it?" I inquired. "I find it bank," Chloe said. I quickly went into her room to see if she smashed her piggy pank open. But, it safely sat on the shelf, out of her reach. What bank I wondered? Then it hit me. We went into the bank that day to get a certified check for the Chinese Consulate. I only assume that she found the coins on the floor of the bank as we were waiting in line. So, into the piggy bank went her found 56 cents. So, today, we had some sunshine so I took Chloe to the park. As she was running in the playground, I heard something clincking noise. I checked Chloe's overalls and low and behold she had 51 cents in her front pocket. "Where did you get this money?" I asked. "Chloe's money," she replied, "I find it." Whatever. That makes $1.06 my child has found in the past day. I guess it pays to look on the ground and find discarded change. But, then later this afternoon, Chloe insisted on taking her purse outside. "Why?" I asked her. "My money," she said. So, I inspected the contents of her purse to find 3 quarters. As I looked at her quizzically, she told me, "I find it!" Holy cow! Where is all this money coming from? I've seen pennies laying around on the sidewalk, but not quarters. So, proof number 3 of Chloe's genius-she's good at hiding money, saving money and finding money. I guess I know where to go when I need some change for the toll.

She's a genius!

Chloe driving BeBe and PaPaw. Posted by Picasa

On Wall Street with Federal Hall behind (it was raining, that's why Chloe is in a bubble). Posted by Picasa

The family on the PATH heading into NYC. Posted by Picasa

Chloe and Mommy overlooking the scenic Warwick Valley in NY. Posted by Picasa

PaPaw and Chloe reunited. Posted by Picasa

Chloe's Fan Club Arrives

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We had an enjoyable visit with Chloe's PaPaw, BeBe and Aunt Deanna. Chloe got lots of attention and that always makes her happy. It was nice a cool during my parents and sister's stay, which was a break from the 100+ temperatures of Texas.

We had a great time exploring the nearby Hudson Valley wine region on Thursday. We also visited an local artisan cheese maker and area produce stands.

Friday turned out to be a bum of a day as our main pipe burst again, flooding our basement laundry room and leaving us waiting for the plumber all day.

We ventured into the city on Saturday and had wet, rainy weather for our excursion. We had a not so pleasant walk through the East Village, searching for a restaurant that wasn't there. Luckily, after someone (who shall remain nameless) misreading directions it finally dawned on them that we had circled the restaurant about 45 times as they tried to decide if it was on 5th Avenue or 2nd Avenue or 2nd Street. We finally arrived at Otto's Restaurant (a restaurant we have been to before, so you think we could find it) and had an enjoyable meal. We then ventured to Murray's cheese shop and other shops in Greenwich Village. We never got to show PaPaw Central Park, but I don't think he trusted us to find it anymore after our restaurant-search fiasco.

On Sunday, we watch Matt & Deanna race in a local Porsche auto club autocross. Both Matt & Deanna won their class!! (Should I mention they were the only one's in the class?) They had fun and it was fun watching them race.

Chloe enjoyed all the visitors and we look forward to having the family back again for Christmas in NYC. Hopefully, we will have better directions this time.