The Lonestar State

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 1 comment
Chloe sporting her new Barb*e fishing pole.

I am SO happy to report that we made it safely to Texas! Chloe and I had a scary incident on the flight and I thought it was OVER for us. About 35 minutes into our flight, air traffic control asked out pilots to go up to 34,000 feet, not realizing that there was another aircraft at 34,000 feet only a few miles ahead. The breakfast and beverage service was at our aisle when all this occurred. I had just been handed my coffee and Chloe's apple juice when our 787 made an abrupt nose dive and roll to the left as it got into the jet wash/wake of the aircraft ahead. One woman was injured and the entire beverage cart hit the roof of the plane and spilled its entire contents on the left side passengers (which was the side we were on).

I was so scared! Chloe was just upset her Chex cereal was now pasted to the left wall of the plane along with her juice. I was happy to be alive, shaken and sitting in my coffee. The remaining three hours of the flight was luckily uneventful but when we landed everyone was still shaken.

Today we went to PaPaw's farm. After arriving we were "stalked" by PaPaw's cows as they followed us around the farm only a few feet ahead. Chloe was a little nervous about our bovine friends and she took some warming up to the chickens. It didn't take too long for her to warm up to the chickens and enter the coop and pluck out some eggs.

After surveying the property, picking some wildflowers for BeBe, pulling carrots and radishes and harvesting strawberries we settled into an afternoon of fishing. Chloe and PaPaw didn't have the fishing pole in the water for 10 seconds when they had a bite. Chloe's first fish was a half-pound catfish that Chloe decided to set free (with PaPaw's help of course).

Chloe took to fishing like a fish in water (pun intended) and it wasn't long before she was demanding we drive into town to purchase her her own fishing pole. At lunch time we drove into town and went to Wally World for a fishing pole, kiddie sunglasses, kiddie chair and some nightcrawlers. Chloe was all set.

Chloe loves her new fishing pole and she must have caught 10 fish, if not more, in total---it helps when your PaPaw stocks his fishing pond. Chloe enjoyed holding the nightcrawlers and having them wriggle in her hand. Her favorite activity after she tired of fishing and catching so many fish was feeding nightcrawlers to the chickens. She thought this was hilarious.

We plan to return to PaPaw's farm for some more fishing later in the week. Maybe this time will catch the BIG catfish---and it won't be catch and release.
Gathering eggs.

Chloe and PaPaw pull some radishes.

Chloe's first catch!

Preparing for PaPaw's Farm

Friday, April 18, 2008 No comments
We've enjoyed some lovely weather here the last few days. Spring has definitely arrived. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. And, if you can't tell from the photo below, it looks like I need a new outside thermometer. It was warm and lovely yesterday, but this is NJ, not Arizona. It was 78 degrees, no where near 101!

In preparation for going to Texas next week, I took Chloe to a local farmstand that has a petting zoo. Chloe liked feeding the goats. She wouldn't feed the sheep and she was a bit unsure of the Scottish Highland cattle. We will see how she does with the cows on PaPaw's farm. The good news is she liked watching the Banti chickens, so she will definitely enjoy the fowl on Papaw's farm!

Of course, as luck would have it, it is supposed to be sunny and nice here in NJ next week with above-average temperatures. During the time we spend in Texas, it is supposed to be really warm the first day we arrive and rain the rest of the time we are there. Next time I am coming to Texas in August when I can certainly get my fill of HOT weather!

The Baptism

Sunday, April 13, 2008 No comments

Chloe was baptized today. The running commentary has been, “Pastor Bert put water on my head!”

In all honesty, we were a little nervous about how Chloe would act during the ceremony. Right up to the event Chloe kept telling us she didn’t want to be baptized. But once she learned that mommy and daddy had both been baptized and her friend Gianna had been baptized she thought it was ok.

During the ceremony Chloe was a little shy, burying her face in Daddy’s shoulder. But afterwards, she seemed to enjoy all the attention and the book and cross she was given by the church. She also liked the bracelet Mommy & Daddy got for her.

Of course, everyone that has asked her about the baptism has been immediately told that “Pastor Bert put water on my head!”

Soccer Camp

Friday, April 11, 2008 No comments
We’ve had some lovely weather here. Thursday was warm and gorgeous. Today was cold and wet. YUCK! Of course, as luck would have it, Chloe began soccer outdoors today. I had to bundle her up. She loves soccer so she was quite the trooper. She is attending the same camp she went to in August and it is amazing to see how she has advanced in her coordination.


Thursday, April 10, 2008 No comments
Chloe lining up to sing at the children's concert.

Chloe on stage.

Spring had sprung here in NJ…FINALLY!!!! Spring is such a glorious time of year as everything awakens from a cold slumber. It is also a busy time as everyone holds off on any events or activities until the first sign of spring. The past few weeks have been a bit busy as we have had one event after another to attend.

Two of the events were fundraisers. One was a casino night fundraiser for our Newcomers’ organization. It was a great party but a couple of drinks and a few bidding wars had us writing a large check and walking away with 7 good auction items.

Five days later we attended another fundraiser for Chloe’s pre-school. Each year the pre-school has an event where the children of the school sing and there are baskets auctioned as a fundraiser. I only bid on one basket (and didn’t win it) but I won the biggest prize of the night----the 50/50 prize---I won $215! I made back some ground from the casino night.

I guess my winning streak stayed with me because later in the week I won an outdoor fire pit from a local garden center at a luncheon I attended. WOOHOO!