The World According to Chloe

Thursday, April 22, 2010 1 comment

"Mom, I want to be a teacher when I grow up," said Chloe.

"That's great! A teacher, just like your Mom!" I replied.

"No, not like you. I figure it would be an easy job because I already know everything there is to know", she responded.

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Photos of Our Trip to Big D

Monday, April 19, 2010 3 comments
Chloe's school Spring Break was the week of Easter and was originally supposed to be a total of 7 school days off. After the winter break in February I decided to take Oliver and Chloe to Dallas to see my parent's and family for the break. We were gone a total of 12 days, April 1-12. In the end, Chloe's spring break was shortened to 5 days because of the nor'easter that caused power outages and shut down school for two days. I didn't change our trips plans--Chloe was supposed to miss only one day of school, but in the end she missed three. There went her perfect attendance!

Here's what we did in Dallas--

Fishing on PaPaw's farm. We all went to my Dad's farm. Chloe and PaPaw stayed on the farm while Aunt Deanna, BeBe, Oliver and I went to Canton--"the world's largest flea market", which is just down the road from my Dad's farm.

Dyed Easter Eggs. Those are PaPaw's hen's eggs which Chloe dyed.

Hunted Easter Eggs. Chloe found an egg with $5 inside and got lots and lots of candy.

Posed for photos. BeBe & Oliver by some cattle sculptures.

Chloe riding the cattle. We didn't get any photos in the bluebonnets. Next year, I hope to book a professional session while we are in Dallas and get nice photos of Chloe and Oliver in the fields of bluebonnets.

Played. Chloe gots lots of play time in. She and PaPaw played house, lacrosse, etc. Chloe is sliding down a giant slide at a local children's play center in this photo.

Oliver enjoying the mashed potatoes at dinner.

Went to the Dallas Arboreteum. Spring is the big tulip display and I got some great photos of Oliver and Chloe.

I love this photo because I think it captures the kids personalities so well.

PaPaw and Oliver at the Arboreteum.

Three Months Home

Friday, April 09, 2010 2 comments
Oliver has been home for three months now. We first held him in our arms on Sunday, January 3, 2010 and returned home as a family of four on Saturday, January 9, 2010. The three months has gone by so quickly. I was totally caught off-guard by our three-month post-placement visit, which we had on March 16. I couldn't believe it was time to already submit our first post-placement report!

We are settling in to life with two kids. Chloe really likes her brother and she makes him smile. She made a piece of pottery at school in art and she wanted to make it for Oliver. She wrote his name on her piece.

Oliver is army-crawling and sits on his own. He still has no teeth, but we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of some any day now. He chatters all day and waves "hello" and will sometimes give Mommy a kiss if requested. Usually Oliver is all smiles. He's got the best toothless grin! He is a flirt and the women adore him. He loves the dogs, especially Flash.

We take Oliver to see the international adoption pediatrician in a few weeks. I will be curious what her second assessment will be and to hear her take on how far he has come in his development. Our regular pediatrician is so impressed by him and how far he has come developmentally.

The Arboretum

Wednesday, April 07, 2010 1 comment
When in Dallas, we always visit the Dallas Arboretum. Matt and I were married at the Arboretum a few years back. My Dad and I took Chloe and Oliver to the Arboretum today. Chloe wanted to see where Mommy & Daddy got married---even though she has seen it before (I guess she doesn't remember that she celebrated her first birthday at the Arboretum).

A note to anyone visiting Dallas in the Spring---beware of school field trips. I taught school in the Dallas area for 7 years and now I am on the "other side". I apologize to anyone run over at the Dallas Zoo by one of my school children. We have not been able to escape the hoards of young children overtaking every major Dallas attraction we have attended this week. To make matters worse, it also appears there is NO objective to their field trip---in other words, we didn't see any learning going on, just kids running rampant and wild.

Happy Easter!!

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