Happy Christmas!!

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Chloe's School Holiday Performance

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Chloe’s Holiday pageant was at school today. Oliver and I attended. The kids sing songs and Chloe watches me to see if I will cry.

She had a speaking part today. Her line was, "And don't forget the apple pie!". She has the cutest voice if I do say so myself. This is Chloe's 2nd grade class doing the opening monologue on the United States.

Most of my pictures came out blurry and the video isn't much better. It was dark in the gymnasium and I didn't have the proper flash. I also had a two year old with me who didn't like me looking through a camera lens and not at him. Wonder how it got blurry??? And, yes,  I realize the lens was not open in the previous video until a few seconds after I recorded. As you can hear in the background, "Mom, Mom!", I was a little distracted.  

I have one ok picture I am posting. I realize the children look like they are possessed. Chloe is to the left of the boy in the necktie on the first row.

Our Family Christmas Celebration

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We are going to celebrate Christmas with my parents at their home in Dallas. Instead of taking all the presents for the kids to Dallas we had our own family celebration on Sunday evening. We ordered Indian food and opened presents by the fire.

Chloe served as “Santa”—the person who retrieves all the presents from the tree and passes them out. She was convinced this was a made-up duty and we only wanted her to “do all the work.” Despite some sassiness from our seven year old, the evening was one of the best Christmases we have had as a family. We didn’t do any over the top presents this year, we didn’t spend a fortune and the kids really loved all their presents.

Chloe received a sled, a Playdoh “Doctor Drill ‘n Fill” which she played with for hours, a West Ham football club sweatshirt from Nana (which she proudly wore to school today), a dress from GrandDad and Marie, a kite from GrandDad, a DS racing car game, a password protected diary and a Kindle Fire which she adores and feels so big girl.
Chloe with her password journal.

Opening the Kindle Fire. She was a little unsure what it was at first.

Once she discovered it was like Mom's iPad she was all over it.

The Hammers.

Oliver received a jacket from GrandDad & Marie, a West Ham football club soccer kit from Nana, some Matchbox cars & track and the hit of the evening, Buzz Lightyear & Woody dolls from Toy Story. He slept with the dolls last night. He also asked to take them to pre-school today and I had to tell him “no”. He then responded, “I no like school. No go”! After I explained that Woody and Buzz would be here when he gets back, he agreed to go, but he wasn’t happy about it.
Opening his Buzz doll with Daddy.

He can't wait to get it out of the package (which took a lot of cutting, prying and twisting I might add).

Playing with Buzz. He loved him at first sight.

After unwrapping the Woody doll he introduces Buzz and Woody. Woody's first comment to Oliver was "Keep it Down!"

Had to take a photo of Oliver's name on their feet. Just like the movie!

We can look ahead to a week with family, more presents for the kids and fabulous Mexican food in Dallas!

Children's Pageant

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Our church held its annual children’s Christmas pageant today. The children conduct the entire Sunday worship and reinact the story of Christ's birth.

Chloe was an angel in the pageant and Matt was a shepherd. Oliver was supposed to be Matt’s lamb and he was also supposed to be Jesus when the wise men came, but Momma nixed his performances and put him in the nursery instead. I didn't think he could make it through an hour long service and he didn’t want to wear the lamb costume, he didn’t want Matt to hold him during the performance opting to run around like a rabid lamb and he didn’t want to greet the wise men instead demanding to know why they brought him gold, frankincense, and myrrh instead of an iPhone. At one point our youth director recommended the wise men hold an iPhone if it would get Oliver on cue. I didn’t think Oliver snatching an iPhone from a wise man and playing “Talking Tom” would really be the best portrayal of Jesus. Perhaps he can attempt again next year when he is 3.5 years old.

Chloe waiting for dress rehearsal to begin.

Chloe with the other angels and shepherds.

The stable scene.

Matt rehearsing his role as one of the lead shepherds. He is missing his lamb.

Oliver having fun in the nursery playing with Legos. He was happier here than onstage. He was dressed for his part and looked quite handsome in his traditional wear we got him in Ethiopia.

Whirly-Twirly Angels

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Chloe was a whirly-twirly angel at church Sunday for the Call to Worship. She will be an angel again this Sunday for the Christmas pageant which will also feature Matt as a shepherd and Oliver as a lamb!!

Swimsuits in December

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I got a great deal on swim trunks and rash guards for Oliver--no doubt, it's December! They arrived on this COLD day and made me smile. In two months these swimsuits will be splashing in the Pacific Ocean in Costs Rica on our winter break escape!!

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Presents Under the Tree

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The tree is up and the presents are wrapped. My Christmas shopping is complete and today the doorbell keeps chiming with deliveries which means the dogs are constantly howling.

The kids were very helpful this year. Chloe decorated the tree and I um, realigned some of the ornaments that seemed to be clustered in one area after she went to bed. The kids also put the presents under the tree and in doing so found out that one of the presents is a Buzz Lightyear--he wouldn't shut his trap! The gift is for Oliver which led to lots of whining on the part of Chloe because she requested a Buzz Lightyear too. Of course, I let her whine and complain because I know that BeBe got her one and its waiting for her in Dallas.

Matt pretty much knows the contents of all his presents. Its not easy keeping things a secret when your spouse can see where you've been spending money when they log in to the bank account. We decided this year we were going to get fit. We both have gym memberships and rarely use them. I belong to a gym that has childcare but I hate going. Matt works out at his gym, the YMCA,  on the weekends when Chloe is at swim practice but its difficult to make it to the gym during the work week. So, we're making space in the basement to include an exercise machine and Matt has been talking about getting a weight bench.

I thought it was perfect timing when I came across a fantastic Cyber-Monday deal on a home gym and that I was so sly buying it until he told me he saw online that I bought him said home gym. Yes, he could have pretended he didn't see it and played along but he enjoys finding out what presents he got in advance.

Besides, its kind of enormous. Many heavy boxes were delivered this morning and our house isn't big enough to conceal that many boxes. And, after Matt looked online at what I bought, we kind of found out we have a problem....

it doesn't fit in our basement exercise area. In my excitement to get a super Cyber-Monday steal on this home gym, I didn't read the specifications--especially the measurements. Seems this gym is a little too tall for our low-ceiling basement. We're keeping the gym because it WAS such a deal (65% off) but are having to get creative in where we put it---the unfinished part of our basement. It's really the only option unless we want to start knocking out the ceiling. The ceiling is higher in the unfinished part but that means I have to clear out a lot of items stored in there. I've donated some items in my pre-Christmas purge and am in the process of moving them to the attic---up three flights of stairs. Its a workout, especially maneuvering around a two year old and a lazy 108 lb. dog that insists on laying right where you need to walk.

I'll be busy clearing out the next few days and then Matt will have a major project to assemble.

Growing Up

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It was a banner day in our household. Both kids reached big milestones that signal they are growing up (a little too fast if you ask their parents)--Chloe got braces and Oliver went pee on the potty for the very first time.

Where have my babies gone?

The Latest

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I have about 14 things that I MUST do today, so I decided to ignore them all together and post an update on the blog! Nothing like procrastination.

  • The weather the past 10 days has been lovely--high 60s! Of course, now that the calendar has turned to December 1 the weather is back to normal---cold.
  • I have begun decorating for Christmas but have gotten sidetracked so my house is half Christmas and half fall. The front of the house has a pumpkin, a fall window box and Christmas wreaths on all the windows. It looks insane.
  • A neighbor walking by commented that she likes to look at my wreaths on the door. Apparently I have the most colorful and vivid wreaths. I didn't know if it was a compliment or she was telling me they were tacky. Most people don't decorate their doors here. If they do, its usually a 6" wreath you can barely make out.
  • Chloe told me she wanted a little sister. I asked why. Her response was priceless, "Because she will be calm because she is a girl and she will be closer in age to Oliver which means they will play together and leave me alone." Had to document that one.
  • Oliver had a check-up at the dentist. I asked the dentist to talk to Oliver about letting me help him brush his teeth. Its always an ordeal and it ends up with me having to restrain him and then waiting for him to stop biting down on the brush so I can actually brush his teeth. The dentist ever so sweetly talked to Oliver about the importance of brushing his teeth and that he must let Mommy help him brush so we can make sure they are clean. She then handed him a prize, a sticker and let him pick out a cool tooth brush and told him he could keep all of that stuff if he agreed to let me brush his teeth. He then looked straight at her, handed her the bag of goodies & toothbrush and walked out of the room. No deal. The dentist said that was the first time a child ever refused the prizes & toothbrush. They usually agreed to brush their teeth for the cool toothbrush. Not our Oliver.
  • Chloe has been pestering us to get her a helmet, driving gloves, driving shoes, and a race suit. According to her,  we are keeping her from driving fast in the go-kart by making her wear her high top sneakers and a borrowed helmet and race suit.
  • Chloe informed me this morning that I was unprepared for the start of Advent. Where was the chocolate Advent calendar? Oh, and she added that she didn't like the Advent calendars I bought last year. It was cheap chocolate. Is she her father's daughter or what?
  • Chloe's teacher is making her bring two pairs of shoes to school---a separate pair for recess and one for the classroom. Kids that go into the playing field must do this as she believes they step in goose poop. This pre-occupation with goose poop has rubbed off on Chloe who now wears her Converse sneakers for recess because I can wash them and remove the poop from the soles. I haven't seen any poop on the soles of the shoes and if there were, why is she having the kids shove them in their backpacks when they change into their classroom shoes? I guess that means I now need to wash Chloe's backpack too?
  • Part of the reason my house has half fall and half Christmas is that we have been hit by the craft bug again. Chloe helped me make fabric balls for a glass bowl in the entry and then I made paper-punch Christmas trees. I obviously have a lot of time on my hands. Matt said I had a lot of patience. Both projects were inspired from one blog--here and here.

  • I am looking forward to the busyness that December 1st brings. We have special performances at church, school, pre-school and holiday parties to attend before we head out early to Dallas for Christmas. Lots of fun to be had in the next 25 days!