Spring Randomness

Saturday, April 16, 2016 No comments
Random thoughts and events during the last few weeks--

It always seems spring brings a FULL calendar. Matt and I had to sit down and compile all the commitments and events that fill up one's calendar completely for the next 5 months. It seems that there is always one weekend each month in the spring that EVERYONE and their dog chooses for events. Oliver had the start of spring soccer and two birthday parties on one day only minutes apart. He had two slices of cake and 6 pieces of pizza and lots of fun. 

Emma Claire is preparing for her dance recital that will require an entire weekend of dress rehearsals and performance walk-thrus. They're three. THREE! Who are we kidding, everyone knows who steals the show in all dance recitals--the little kids. 
Emma Claire and her dance pals. It also somehow worked out that EC and the three little girls to her right are all in the same pre-school class next year too. Should be fun. 
 After putting up the winter gear because temps were in the 70s in March, we pulled them all back out because temps have been in the 30s in April.

We discovered our barn has its own Facebook page from when it was used as an exercise facility. A completely illegal, unzoned, unlicensed exercise facility mind you.

You can't "like" the page anymore, it's now defunct, though people have expressed their sadness on the page that they can no longer work out in the barn. Sorry folks, it's our house now. It's a family party barn now where this is happening on any typical day--

The kids had a dental check-up. Oliver finally has loose teeth! Chloe got a stick on mustache from the prize bin and then proceeded to take 500 selfies with my iPhone.


Wednesday, April 06, 2016 No comments
Emma Claire dressed herself this day, she even picked out her accessories. She's taken to saying "Hashtag Winning!" to her brother and sister when she does something she's proud of or get's a one-up on them. Since she was looking so stylish, I had to preserve the moment.

Spring Snow

Sunday, April 03, 2016 No comments

Winter decided it wasn't done with us yet....