Old Friends & Future Relatives?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

We were very pleased to welcome our dear friends, Melanie and Scott Graf and their son Grant, from California. We had not seen each other in nearly 7 years! Grant and Chloe are less than a month apart in age. Since Melanie and I have been close friends since college, we decided it is only sensible that Chloe and Grant should be married. We are planning on an October wedding...that's October 2029. It was great to see Melanie & Scott and to finally meet Grant and have them meet Chloe. Chloe and Grant chatted in their baby babble and both discovered that they enjoy collecting the dog hair off the carpet, swimming and Baby Einstein videos. What more do you need? Chloe was disturbed by the fact that Grant seemed to enjoy his lunch experience at Pancho's Mexican Buffet (which was a request by Melanie). I have posted some photos of the two little ones for all to enjoy. It was a great time and we can't wait to see the Graf family again.

Chloe was glad to hear that her Aunt Deanna's surgery on her nose for allergies went well today. Aunt Deanna can't eat solids today, so Chloe decided to take the plunge and eat them for her. I decided to make food "fun" for Chloe and I let her play in everything. It was funny and she had to take a bath afterwards. But, despite the mess, she ate vanilla pudding (her favorite and the old standby when we try to get her to eat) and even some apple sauce. That's a big step.

Right now the Chloester is up. Daddy is trying to get her to go back to sleep. This is her second wakening tonight since she went to bed. She is getting two more teeth on the top and she has not been sleeping at night or napping well. I hope the teeth arrive soon!

The photos I posted are of Chloe and Grant, Shannon & Melanie with our children and Chloe enjoying her vanilla pudding.