Warm & Sunny Denver

Wednesday, December 31, 2008 1 comment
Our last two days in Denver were absolutely beautiful. It was warm and sunny. On our last day we helped Deanna take down the Christmas tree and made pine cone bird seed ornaments. We put the tree in the yard and the ornaments on the tree.

We returned to New Jersey at 2:15 a.m. on Wednesday after another delayed flight home. It snowed on Wednesday and has been bitterly cold since.

Enjoying the warmth and sunshine with PaPaw on the patio.

Making bird seed pine cones for the tree.


Sunday, December 28, 2008 No comments

We were able to meet up with our friend Tom and his wife at Breckenridge. Chloe, Matt and I traveled I-70 from Denver to ski the resort.

Chloe did fantastic this day, skiing only blue runs. She had a blast following Tom down the mountain. I managed to record one of the very long blue runs we did, but it is a 7 + minute video and I won't put that on the blog. There is a classic moment when I am holding the Flip and skiing and fall. I stand up only to be knocked down by a snowboarder. Its a great clip but out of self-respect, I won't put it here.

Tom, Chloe and Matt at the Breckenridge Brewery after a day of skiing.

Speaking of self-respect (or lack thereof) I managed to get a photo of a house in my sister's neighborhood. These people keep adding to the collection of tacky, plastic Christmas paraphernalia each year. It's beginning to spread down the road. This photo doesn't even really do it justice.

Christmas Day

Thursday, December 25, 2008 1 comment
Christmas Day was all about Chloe. All the presents under the tree in the photo belong to her.
After a frantic on-line order on December 18, I was very pleased that Chloe's present from Santa---a 1/8 size violin---made it to Denver in time for Christmas. It was the highlight of Chloe's Christmas. I wonder what is in this box?
After opening her violin. Chloe wore the violin case on her back daily and must have removed the violin 10-12 times a day.

Teaching PaPaw to play the violin because she "already knows how."

Aunt Deanna dressing Ivy, Chloe's AG doll, in her snowboarding gear.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 2 comments
I have lots of photos and updates to add but we are having too much fun right now. I will add all in good time. Here's a video preview of the fun we've been having.

Happy Holidays to all our friends and family!

Denver Day 1

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 No comments
We made it to Denver after a delayed Monday evening flight. We got to my sister's house very late and after saying our hellos we went to bed. The next day we went to the Natural History Museum of Denver. They had a dinosaur exhibit with lots of hands on activities for children.

Chloe had a good time though she was still a little tired from the late night trip across the country.

The Christmas Pageant

Sunday, December 21, 2008 No comments
Chloe sang in the children's Christmas pageant at church today. Kylie (the Bitty Baby) came too. Chloe dressed as a lamb. I didn't take any photos during the concert but used my new Flip instead. This was one of my first videos on it--it's a little shaky. You can see Chloe as a lamb and how easily distracted she is at this age.

Celebrating Christmas (Early)

Friday, December 19, 2008 No comments
Since we went to Colorado for Christmas, we opened Christmas presents up early---didn't want to cart all the gifts on the plane or mail them. Chloe got to open the presents from us before leaving and she will receive her present from Santa in Denver.

Instead of making a traditional Christmas meal for the three of us, we decided to put my Christmas present from my mother-in-law, Anne, to good use and have us a traditional British fish 'n chips meal. Anne got my a deep fryer just for the occassion of a good old fish fry up. My first attempt came out pretty darn good. The photo of the fish doesn't look good but it tasted great and the chips were fantastic. Chloe declared it was the best meal she had ever eaten (she didn't get a Boddington's by the way)

Earlier in the day we had snow and Chloe was excited to get dressed up and make snow angels. She and our neighbor's son played in the snow and had a great time.Of course, all the playing made Chloe tired so we had to call the gift opening quits early for bed. Chloe opened the rest of her presents the next night. Matt and I opened our gifts after Chloe went to bed. It was a practical Christmas for both of us, especially for Matt. His big present from me was a trouser press.I got this-----I put out enough hints! It came in handy on the ski slopes as we used it to record Chloe skiing (see next post). Chloe's big gift was a W*ii*. She has wanted one ever since she saw her cousins over a year ago. We got a few games for her. So far she is loving playing with it and is very careful with it.

We got some games in before leaving for Colorado on Monday.

Chloe playing with the dragon puppet from Matt's Dad.

The Holiday Concert

Thursday, December 18, 2008 No comments
I am having to do a little catch-up from Christmas. I am making a resolution to keep the blog(s) more up to date. Even though the majority of my Christmas shopping was completed well in advance it seemed I wasn't as organized as I had thought. Time slipped away and I was unable to update the blogs regularly with all of the holiday merriment. I am placing my posts in chronological order--where they should have been posted if I had done it on time.

The last day of Chloe's pre-school before the holiday break was the annual holiday concert. All the children sing holiday songs ("holiday"--must be PC you know as not to offend---they even changed the word "Christmas" to holiday in most of the songs)on the stage for the parent's at a breakfast. After the singing, the children got to meet Santa (not so PC) and received a present--a book.
The concert is very cute and Chloe loved singing the songs. Her favorite is "Feliz Navidad".

In the line-up to go on stage. The children in class were put in order from shortest to tallest. Chloe was 2nd in line, meaning she's one of the shortest.

Singing on stage.

Chloe in her Christmas dress from BeBe.

Chloe meeting Santa Claus. Chloe asked Santa for a violin--she wanted to ask him if he could make her one because its made from wood. Santa responded, "OF COURSE!". I went and bought her a violin after this encounter--thanks Santa!

Cookie Decorating

Monday, December 15, 2008 No comments

A friend from Chloe's pre-school invited us and many others over to decorate Christmas cookies this afternoon. She's an amazing woman as she opened her doors to many pre-schoolers who frosted and decorated many cookies only to get sugared up and head to the playroom. We had a fantastic time and Chloe couldn't wait to eat a cookie after dinner tonight.

Note: we did discover that Chloe LOVES red hot candies. I didn't think she would but I caught her in the kitchen shoveling them in her mouth. The cookie she chose for dessert tonight was the one she covered in red hots. I told her I am not letting her out of eating something the next time she tells me its too spicy.

Hitting the Slopes

Sunday, December 14, 2008 1 comment

We got season passes to a local ski area last year and this past Sunday was opening day. Chloe has been eagerly anticipating hitting the slopes. I don't think a day has passed since we rented her ski kit that she hasn't strapped on her ski boots and skis. I wondered if she was itching to ski or just itching to show off her coveted brightly striped skis she has desired since last year.

After church we rushed to the ski center. Chloe was excited. I laughed as she exited the chair lift with Matt and let out a "whoooo-hoooo!". Matt is very patient instructor and she is an eager if not reticent pupil. Matt says it is all about confidence with Chloe and the more she skis, the more confidence she builds.

She made one run and had a meltdown saying she was hungry. We convinced her to make one more run with Matt while I got the snack bag from the car. I made a mental note that we need to seek out a ski pack to carry food and drink in for Chloe. When we go to ski in Colorado it won't be so easy to run to the car (or the lockers) for the snacks. After her second run, we took a break and had some snacks while Matt did a run by himself. The three of us went up for a third run. I went ahead of Matt and Chloe on the chair lift---Chloe could see me so she yelled at me the entire time to turn around and/or wave at her.

During the third run, Matt took Chloe out of the harness and she held on to his ski pole. She got a little too close, had a spill and got a bloody nose from the ski pole. Chloe was upset but never realized her nose was bleeding. Matt snatched my hat off my head and wiped her nose with it--she never realized it was bloody. She was upset with herself that she got so close to the ski pole and after we made it down the mountain she was ready to go again.

We had to call it a day as daylight was fading. We've decided to only ski in the morning as Chloe is at her best first thing and not in the afternoon. Chloe is still anticipating skiing in Colorado. I laughed because Chloe told me that the mountains at the ski center were too high and she thought Colorado would be better. Oh no!

Family Photos

Monday, December 01, 2008 2 comments

Our friends and family will recognize these photos on our Christmas cards this year, but this is the first professional family photos we have had made since we became a family of three. It was about time.
With the current expectation being that we will become a family of four in 2009, I wanted to have our family photos made with the three of us.