Bronco Barn

Monday, January 19, 2015 No comments
For the last month or so we've been watching a Discover Channel U.K. show called "Wheeler Dealers" hosted by two Brits, one a mechanic and one a former car dealer turned presenter. The premise of the show is to find a modern classic car within a low budget that has been unloved and refurb it, find a new owner and make a profit. Its a great show and we've loved watching it as we are "car people".

The tv show started us to thinking about cars in the U.S. that would fall into the same category and we began brainstorming cars we could purchase and easily work on and refurb as a project car in the barn. It would be a project for Matt and the kids.

Add to the mix that we have been thinking of trading in my SUV for a more economical mom taxi-type of car. I stay pretty local during the week and cart the kids from here to there for their activities in the big, honking gas-guzzling luxury SUV. It was costing a pretty penny in payments and gas, especially when you consider we bought the SUV to tow the travel-trailer that we don't need anymore since we have the motorhome.

Our first thought was to buy a older Mini in good condition that we could work on, etc., but I didn't feel comfortable driving an older model project car with lots of mileage that may or may not be reliable so we started looking at newer Minis and cars like it while Matt started searching for a project car that he and the kids could work on together and wouldn't be a daily driver.

So, we narrowed down our choices, booked the babysitter and Matt and I set out to find a car for me. In a snow storm. It took us two dealers to find it and we made the deal/trade in record time. It was pretty enjoyable for a car-buying experience.

The little, red Momobile.
So, I had the grocery-getter, now we had to decide on the project car for Matt.

And just what would the older, project car that a Porsche-racing, kart-driving, F1 enthusiast would desire?

An old Ford Bronco.

Yes, you read that correctly.

A Ford Bronco.

Since coming to the States, Matt has always thought Bronco's were the coolest thing since sliced bread. He's always wanted one, I just didn't agree to it until now. So he searched and read up and searched some more until we literally stumbled on the fact that there was a man who bought and traded Broncos in excellent condition,with low miles just minutes from us. So the next day we were out looking at one of the 16 Broncos he had. Matt had seen one on line and it was in excellent condition. So he bought it.

Matt loves his 1990 Bronco.

But, it was in great shape and it didn't seem it would a long-term project car. So, he bought this one too.
Blue, the Bronco, arrived on a flat-bed tow truck and was pushed into the barn. Its definitely a project car. 
We've bought the coveralls for Matt, Chloe and Oliver and they will all be getting their hands dirty soon working on "Blue". Chloe and I are considering making a You Tube channel where she hosts a show about working on Blue the Bronco. 

In the meantime, Chloe and Oliver helped Matt out already on the brown Bronco. 

Just in case you were wondering, because many people were when Matt posted this photo to his FB account...the kids are not working on the Bronco in our home. This IS the barn. 

2015 So Far

Monday, January 12, 2015 No comments
We're in the deep of winter and you would think that I would be able to keep the blog updated. You would think, but its not been so.

We've been keeping busy, some of which I will update shortly. We're trying to get the puppies into a routine and to stop barking so much---they've been banished to their playpen in the basement at night because their "yips" are keeping us up at night. And housebreaking is an entirely different matter altogether. They're still very much puppies at almost 6 months old and into everything (photo evidence later).

Emma Claire is keeping me busy too. We're starting potty-training and between her and the puppies I seem to clean urine up all day. She started out great on the potty, then quit mid-stream, pun intended. Right now, we're taking a step back from the potty training and will revisit full-force in a week or so. Currently, we are just reading and talking about using the potty.
I should have known something was up when she came to the bathroom dressed like this. 

Then, there are the day to day events that seem to happen and cause a hiccup. Like finding out that a certain little boy tied his seat belt in a knot and it won't retract enough and therefore locked in this position. Finding this out as you are headed out the door in your new car to take him to karate when its 10 degrees outside was enough for me to call it a day. Luckily, I have a 10 year old with long fingers and more patience than I do to untie knots in seat belts. Really though, WHO TIES A KNOT IN A SEAT BELT? AND WHY? My son. For no reason.

So, if he can tie a knot in the seat belt, he should be able to tie his shoes right? That's our current goal.

Speaking of said son, here's a photo of him taking a shot at basketball. He still likes up but is now requesting to play hockey, because he doesn't think he would like the tackling in football. Obviously he hasn't been exposed to too much hockey.

Oliver and Emma Claire take gymnastics at the same time. Oliver is in the big gym and Emma Claire and I are in the small toddler area in a building next door. Oliver was ticked off to discover this photo on my iPhone. He thought I took Emma Claire somewhere fun. He was ok when he learned this was gymnastics class.

And Emma Claire loves stamps. I was on the phone the other day and she snuck some stamps and the stamp pad out. She and the puppies had a great time stamping the wood floor and themselves.

Happy New Year!!