Junior Football Cheerleader

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This morning was Chloe's first cheer for the junior football team. Her squad has been practicing for several weeks but today marked the very first game.

I, of course, forgot to get a photo of just Chloe in her cheerleading uniform. Next time....

I did manage to get some shots of Chloe with the entire cheer squad.

The football team managed to get trounced and I learned in our town that it is required dress code for mothers attending the game to dress in their best workout gear or to appear as if they have come from a 5 mile run while holding a skinny latte. Matt called it "the empowered mother look" and it is the in-style in our neck of the woods. To get dressed and style your hair is for the lazy.

I, however, got a workout of a different type. My workout instructor is a lively three-year-old boy and after thirty minutes at Chloe's football game I was worn out chasing him, taking him to the restroom, debating whether he should touch the goose poop on the field (I was on the NO side), trying to convince him to stop jumping on the metal bleachers, and simply keeping him from injuring himself.

I often think of the movie Spinal Tapwhen we are out and about with Oliver. You know the scene where Nigel is talking about his special amp that is "one louder" because it goes to 11? When you are out and about with Oliver, he's one louder. He's an 11.

"Mom, watch this..." as he slides down each step of the bleachers.

"Mom, watch this..." as he does cartwheels through goose poop.

"Mom, watch this..." as he runs ahead, refusing to stay on the sidewalk but either stradling the lawn/sidewalk or just the lawn. I must send out apology cards to my neighbors for finding their newspapers trampled upon, or ripped open, or thrown into the road (which I retrieved).

"Mom, watch me chase the squirrel through these people's yard then fall flat on my face as I trip on the brick pavers lining their driveway." Also, take note that Oliver is barefoot, having stopped just long enough on the walk home to remove his shoes and leave them for me to pick up from someone's front walk.

The Photo Shoot

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Tuesday of this week we received a phone call and were asked if Chloe could represent Kid Kart in a photo shoot for a national program/campaign being launched by the World Karting Association (WKA). Chloe would have to miss school on Friday for the all-day event. After some discussion, we decided to allow Chloe to participate.

We knew little to nothing about what it all entailed. All I knew was that I should have Chloe at the track at 10 a.m.

Two officials from the WKA were at the track and we were all introduced. There were only two kids for the shoot, Chloe and another boy whom we had never met. The shoot was for a national campaign the WKA hoped to launch about standardizing the practices for introducing kids to karting and how to go about teaching them the basics of karting. Chloe was to be the featured pupil for kid kart and Micro/Cadet.

Over 200 photos and some video were taken of Chloe and she had her personalized stickers placed on her kid kart so she could be "featured" a little more prominently. The WKA officials asked Chloe some questions and watched her drive both her kid kart and her Micro. They really liked her bright pink suit and color-coordinated stickers. They also commented to me that she knew the rules of karting and she seem to be a natural at making sure her fellow track-mates followed the same rules (I think they were politely telling me she was a little bossy after she animatedly pointed her brother to the side out of the path of oncoming kart traffic and double-checked to see if the other boy in the photo shoot was in the correct spot).

Chloe seemed to enjoy the whole experience and I am sure she will tell her class all about it when she returns to school. The WKA is supposed to mail us the photos from the shoot. I am curious to see all the photos they took.

Chloe demonstrating a basic technique taught to a first-time karter...stopping.

Taking photos of Chloe driving kid kart.

"A Teaching Moment"--Chloe and the track owner/chief instructor being photographed doing stopping drills.

Chloe's kid kart with her new personalized bling.

Chloe picked the colors, neon green, neon pink and yellow and wanted both the U.S. and Chinese flag with her name.

First Day of Pre-School

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At the Track

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It was another race weekend. Chloe and Matt spent Saturday at the track and got soaked for their efforts. Sunday, race day, was beautiful. Chloe raced in kid kart and micro. 
Chloe in this red race suit which she borrowed because her usual pink suit was soaked.

Chloe on the track during Micro qualifying.

Qualifying for kid kart.

Chloe leading the kid kart race.

Walking around OVRP during some down time.

Chloe's cheer squad lined up to see her take the checkered flag in the kid kart race.

Matt pushing Chloe off the track after her Micro race.

Oliver playing.

Matt giving Chloe congrats after her kid kart race win.

The kid kart podium finish.
In other exciting race news, Chloe is being featured, filmed, photographed and interviewed this week by the WKA, the governing body of karting as a feature kid karter for a promotional they are doing.

First Day of Third Grade

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We spent all Wednesday at the track in the Catskills and got back MUCH later than anticipated. Probably not the best start to the school year, but it was a nice summer send-off.

Because we were out past the school-night bedtime and Chloe fell asleep in the car, she took a shower when I woke her up she woke up so her hair is wet.

I asked Chloe the "questions" this morning so I could include them with the memories of starting third grade. I have to say, I love the academic focus on her 3rd grade goals for the year. I expected, finish reading the Harry Potterseries or ace the ASK test but I got "style my hair". And so it begins....

We got out the door with little incident and made it to school!! Oliver was distressed that Chloe was going to school and attempted to take it out on his sister.

Today is only half a day of school, which makes Chloe very excited (not starting school, but that it is only 4 hours today). Friday begins the real deal!!

Summer's Last Weekend

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Since Matt was in south Jersey racing and this was the last weekend of summer before school started, I tried to pack some fun things for the kids and I to do.

Friday, we went to the pool. It would be our last outdoor pool visit for the summer.

Saturday, we attempted to welcome in fall by picking apples in the Warwick Valley of NY. I thought it would be fun, but it turned out that the kids weren't as thrilled as I was by picking apples. Chloe complained that her friends weren't with us like last year. It was hot. There were bugs. Oliver was annoying. Could we go and ride the ponies?


A "yucky" Prime Red apple ready for picking.
Oliver complained that "apples are yucky!" as he drank apple juice. It was hot. There were bees and fallen apples underfoot. Then, he decided he wanted to "water" the apple trees. He also "watered" his pants and shoes. He then set out to annoy his big sister.


I ended up picking $50 in apples. It was a lovely day and the scenery was beautiful. Apparently, I was the only one who thought so. I was the only one having fun...at least for the first 5 minutes until both kids starting complaining & fighting and I loaded them both in the car and drove right back home.
A brief moment of cooperation.
Oliver getting silly. This was also taken before he chucked these two apples somewhere in the orchard.
Picking (& complaining).

Apple-picking was a failure.

Sunday, I decided would be fun---we were going to drive to south Jersey to see Matt race and tow the tire trailer back for him. But, on the way we would do a fun activity. I would let the kids choose something they wanted to do. Chloe wanted to go to a waterpark on the Jersey shore. I convinced her that a waterpark was a two parent adventure. I had to be stationed with Oliver in the kiddie pool section and wouldn't be able to take her on the waterslides. In the end, she conceded and we decided to visit Storybook Land, which was on the way to the racetrack.

When we first arrived, Chloe started with the, "Don't you think I am a little too old for this place now?" I ignore the statement, pretending not to hear her.

First, I love this little kiddie amusement park. It's circa 1955 and is spotless and well taken care of. Its charming and its never crowded. Once inside, I knew the kids were going to have fun. And it was fun. The kids were adrenaline junkies, loving every ride and demanding to "go again!". By far their favorite was Bubbles, the dragon rollercoaster. The kept returning and demanding more. They also loved the Beanstalk Bounce and the splash park.

They had a blast.
Upon arrival....
Our first ride on the roller coaster. I am sitting behind the kids. They then decided I didn't need to ride with them, which was good because I am bruised from being slung all over since I the only one in my carriage.

Riding in the back.

Having fun.


The splash park.

On Monday, we went to the go-kart track so Chloe could practice driving her Micro. We spent the entire day at the track and Oliver even got in on the action helping change tires and playing with a group of kids who were also driving at the track.

We have two more days until the start of school and both days are going to be rainy. In between prepping for the start of school and trying to tackle the laundry, we hope to throw in some last minute fun.

I'm Apparently a Grouch

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Chloe woke up this morning (at 9:40 a.m.!!!!---another reminder that I need to get her on the school schedule asap/PDQ) and Oliver and I had been up for some three hours, cleaning and playing and I hear her walk downstairs and say, "OH NO!!! Oliver, Mom is going to FREAK out when she sees what you have done!!!!".

I turn to look and see Chloe standing there, with her hand over her mouth.

"What happened?" I ask.

"I don't think I can say," Chloe replies. "You're going to FREAK out its that bad."

"Tell me," I demand.

"I can't!" Chloe declares.

I walk into the living room to see this....

I thought Oliver had slashed the couch, colored on my antique secretary or the walls. This is a mess of cars on the floor. So not freak out worthy.

Uh, what kind of ogre have I been this summer?

Farewell Summer

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Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end to summer. *SOB* I like fall, but I don't like the knowledge that winter, snow and cold are just on the horizon. We do have lots to look forward to-- a new school year, Chloe "crowned" kid kart champion, Chloe cheering at pee-wee football, Oliver beginning sports camp, the Formula1 Grand Prix in Austin, a winter escape to Barbados, and a 40th birthday celebration with my college pals in the spring. While those are all exciting things to look forward to, I still get a little sad when I know the long days of summer and sunshine won't be seen again for 8 months. 8 months! 8 long months of COLD!

Chloe begins 3rd grade on Thursday and we are back to the scheduled after-school activities. I have been working on the schedule and trying to figure out who goes where and when. I have also been  trying my best to institute school-year bedtime hours, but it has been met with much resistance.

Matt is at a P*Orsche club event this weekend in south Jersey and the kids and I are doing our best to celebrate what remains of summer while trying to get back to the school schedule.

I took the kids to the pool yesterday in what will probably be our last visit until next summer. It was super-crowded and Chloe & Oliver stayed in the children's pool most of the time.

The kids had a good time, until Oliver, in an effort to continually pester his sister,  rolled a car over Chloe's foot and two temper tantrums stopped the fun. With all that will be missed with summer, I do have to admit that I won't miss the public pool so much. The kids will, I won't. The public pool makes me wish I had my own pool in my backyard--but that's just me.

And, after we returned from the pool, I got another one-two punch that summer is drawing to a close, the contract to store our boat for the winter arrived in the mail. I was desperately scanning our September schedule to see when we can go back out on the boat. I don't know that it will happen. Putting the boat in storage is definitely the reminder that summer is over.