Flash's First Camping Trip

Sunday, July 26, 2009 1 comment
Flash at his first camping trip with the family.

We went camping in the Catskills this weekend. We came back early this morning because some rain, hail and thunderstorms are supposed to hit this afternoon. We're home now, washing laundry, watching movies and listening to the rain that's starting to fall.

We went to camp at our "usual" location. We bought Flash a smaller crate that would fit inside the RV and he slept in that. He liked being inside the RV and didn't destroy anything (yippeee!). Lizzie tried to show Flash the ropes of camping but he was a bit unsure. He didn't like to have his Mommy, Daddy & Chloe out of eyesight which meant that while he was tied up outside we couldn't go inside the RV for anything without Flash whaling and crying. I'm glad we think he is cute because I am sure our fellow campers didn't when he starting whimpering and crying at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday morning after I went inside to pour myself a cup of coffee.

Eventhough we have been camping at the same location before, we did different activities. We found a German restaurant all alone at the top of a mountain that we had dinner at on Saturday evening. When we ate, no one else was there, but by the time we ate and left the ompah party was just beginning. We also went canoing on Saturday at North-South Lake. This was Chloe's favorite activity. If we keep camping, I see canoes or kayaks in our future.

Chloe enjoying a cookie at the lake.

Matt and the dogs at the campsite.

C'est La Vie

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 1 comment
when you have a puppy. So far the casualty is my Fit*Flops, one white shirt and one skirt.

Your Daughter May Be a Tomboy If...

Monday, July 20, 2009 1 comment
Given her choice of fruit snacks at the grocery store, she picks this box:

When holding a magazine on about the moon landings (which she is interested in), you tell her you have a surprise for her and she responds, "Is it a car magazine?". WHAT?!

When looking through the beautiful catalog of Halloween costumes, she forgoes the fairies and princesses and throws a fit when you tell her she CAN NOT be Darth Va*der for Halloween.

On a 25-mile bike ride, she points out every Po*rsche car and SUV and B*MW motorcycle along the way.

Back in the Saddle Again

Sunday, July 19, 2009 No comments

As a family we cycled in the JBFCS Hudson Valley Ride on Sunday. Matt rode the 62 mile route and feeling a sudden burst of enthusiasm, I decided to take on the 25 mile route instead of the originally planned 10 mile route.

The event benefitted the JBFCS and its charities. We rode for the Kaplan House team and our team raised the 2nd most money overall. Thanks to all our friends and family who donated. I do want it noted that Matt raised the most money, deservedly so, Chloe raised the 2nd and I came in a distant 3rd in our family. But, just for the record, I want it noted that Chloe was hitching a ride on my bike--she and I should have our total donations combined. (Just my thoughts on the matter.)

In all honesty, it has been forever and a day since we have cycled. In truth, I have never really cycled long distances save the one time I rode 8 miles through Yosemite with my sister back in the last decade. Matt cycles, though it has been a while, and he really enjoys it. He took on the 62 miles and rode it all despite some difficulties following the poorly marked course that added over an hour to those on the 62 mile route.

Chloe and I set out on the 25 mile route on a whim. Truly, had I known, I would not have done it. Chloe was in the bike seat on the back of my bike with her 5 lbs. of snacks in tow. When we hit the first hill I realized that this was not going to be easy and that I would probably wish I hadn't made the decision to do the 25 miler.

In the end, we all rode our distances and made it back to the finish line. Matt and I were worn out and Chloe was raring to go after her snacking and napping on our 3.5 hour journey. Matt was worn out, but was a wonderful father to submit to Chloe's begging and take her on a bike ride on her bike when we got home and cleaned up.

We went out for dinner and then took Chloe for her weekly Ben & Jer*ry's fix and then promptly went to bed.

Puppies are Hard Work and Other Tidbits

Sunday, July 12, 2009 2 comments
Its nearly been one week since Flash came home. He sleeps in a crate at night and so far its been pretty easy despite the 5:20 a.m. wake up call he gave us this morning. We're working on the house-training and are finding objects daily to puppy-proof. The rugs are off the floor, the laptop has been put away as the charger cord was too tempting and all shoes are returned to closets. The milestone of the week was that Flash learned to go upstairs, requiring that we keep all upstairs doors closed at all times. The only problem with the upstairs thing is that Flash has not learned to go downstairs. So, when we hear him climbing the stairs and follow behind, we are usually greeted with this mug and a bark ordering us to come and fetch him back down.
Flash at the top of the stairs.

Lizzie is taking more of an interest in Flash and is becoming his mentor, Chloe is the one who is unsure of Flash now as she doesn't really like the puppy-chewing phase he is in. I guess she doesn't like her toes being gnawed on.

All the company is gone and we had a family weekend at home. We went raspberry and blueberry picking in NY and relaxed at the community pool. Of course, it completely wore Chloe out and when we returned from the pool this afternoon we couldn't wake her from the jog stroller. She ended up having a nice nap---
When I came downstairs this morning, I was greeted by Chloe's Benda*roo writing that she stuck on the wall. Its cute, but at 5:20 a.m. as you are waking up and coming downstairs it gave me a kind of "Red Rum" vibe. Good thing it just says, "Mom", "Dad" and "Chloe".
We walked into town today to attend our local farmer's market where we bought some produce. As we walked past downtown, we looked in the shop windows to see the fall displays going up. I can't believe that there are pumpkins in windows and my tomatoes are even ripe yet! Anyway, the farmer's market inspired me to photograph our little garden. Its grown a lot thanks to all the rain and it looks a lot different than it did in May.

The cherry tomatoes on the vine.

The garden. My spinach is finished and the onions are ready. Just waiting on the tomatoes to ripen.

Flash Day 7-6-09

Tuesday, July 07, 2009 1 comment
At 5:00 p.m. yesterday we became the official parents of Bromwich's Cauzin Trouble to whom we now refer to as "Flash". We took Lizzie with us to get Flash and overall she has been very good. He bit her on her side last night and she out him in his place pretty quickly. He whimpered and cowered and I felt so bad for him that I picked him up and held him.

He didn't do so well on the car ride home. He got car sick on Matt.

He slept well last night in his crate. Only one or two whimpers. Lizzie slept on the bed, snuggled between us, sleeping with one eye open I am sure.

We have been up with Flash for 2.5 hours, and I am convinced that puppies are harder than infants. He is in to everything and redirecting him proves to be hard work. So far we have had more "piddles" outside than in and that's a good thing. We thought we puppy-proofed the house, but Flash decided to show us a few more things we could put away---the laptop charger, my rug in the family room with the chewy tassles, Chloe's monkey chair.

I am sure Flash will feature in many of the posts, but I am setting a goal to post a "Flash Report" on the 6th of every month with a photo so we can document his growth.

Below are some photos of our first day at home with Flash:

Chloe takes Flash on his leash. He is very good on the leash, which is impressive at his age.

Matt and his special boy.

Lizzie and her new shadow.

The boy.

More Fun with Family

Monday, July 06, 2009 1 comment
On the ferry boat from the Statue of Liberty.

We had family in this week. Matt's brother, Rob, our sister-in-law, Ashley, and our two nieces, Bryn & Gemma and our nephew, Harrison came in on Sunday and stayed the week. The kids played, jumped on the trampoline and swam. We attended our town's 4th of July parade and fireworks, smoked brisket and pork, did a little shopping and hung out. Chloe loved playing with her cousins and the week was one she will remember.

Bryn, Chloe and Gemma standing with the American flag in the background before the start of the 4th of July parade.
The slip and slide was busted out for some 4th of July entertainment for the kids. Gemma is about to show Chloe how it is done.

Bryn, taking a jump at our local swimming pool.

Chloe, Bryn and Gemma on Uncle Matt's scooter.

Bryn, taking a ride down the street with Uncle Matt. The girls loved the scooter!

Harrison playing in the back yard.

Chloe, Gemma and Bryn enjoying some cotton candy ice cream. We went to every ice cream place in town during the week, with the exception of one. We even managed to get ice cream from the ice cream van in town! Bryn and Gemma remembered the cotton candy ice cream from their last visit two years ago, so we had to get some this time.