Memorial Day Weekend

Monday, May 28, 2007 No comments
We had a relaxing weekend. We worked in the yard, grilled, Matt played some golf, etc. Chloe had fun playing in the sprinklers and eating bagels (that's all she wanted to eat all weekend).

We watered the yard and Chloe played in the sprinklers, with some coaxing from Daddy.

Memorial Day

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We hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.

Daddy's Socks & Shoes

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Sprinkler Fun 1

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Sprinkler Fun 2

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Sprinkler Fun 3

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Outdoor Fun

Wednesday, May 23, 2007 1 comment
This weekend we went and picked up Chloe's birthday present - a playhouse. I had searched the internet for a playhouse that could withstand a couple of NJ winters and that would be large enough for mommy to enter and to "cook" in the playhouse with Chloe. I narrowed my search down to two playhouses. After checking out prices, I couldn't believe the cost of a giant piece of plastic! I was able to search ebay and find the playhouses I wanted at half the cost. We ended up purchasing a playhouse that is about 7'x7' from a family in CT who had purchased it for their sons a year ago. Turns out the little boys preferred their sandbox. We had to rent a trailer to haul the playhouse. While Matt was dismantling the playhouse to fit in the trailer, Chloe jumped on the trampoline with the 2 boys. As we were leaving, the youngest son (who was a little older than Chloe) asked if we lived far and could Chloe come back to play. It was really cute.

Chloe is really enjoying the playhouse and loves to ring the doorbell and talk on the phone. There is a little table and 2 chairs inside. Hopefully she will get lots of enjoyment out of it.

Since the weather has been really nice and Chloe and I are outside most of the day, we ran up to the toy store and got some outside games. The store had one remaining 3-hole toddler golf course and as someone who once taught pre-schoolers/elementary kids golf fundamentals, I had to get it for Chloe. I set it up in the yard today and showed Chloe how to play. It will be great to work on some coordination and she definitely takes after Matt in her approach to golf (see her moving the ball closer to the hole with her hands? Her Daddy would call that a "give-me").


Monday, May 14, 2007 1 comment
We unexpectedly went to Scotland last week. Matt's much beloved grandfather passed away and we went for the funeral. He lived outside Glasgow. While we wished for better circumstances, we got to spend some quality time with Matt's mother (Chloe's Nana)and Matt's brother, Rob. Matt's grandfather was a patron of the arts and enjoyed painting the Scottish countryside. We were able to take a road trip through the countryside to some scenic spots which Matt & Rob enjoyed going to with their grandad.

Firth of Clyde-Ayr

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We stopped by the beach in the town of Ayr after visiting family friends and picked up seashells. The Firth of Clyde is behind Chloe.

Scenic Scotland

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Chloe smiling beside a stream at a picnic spot.


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Still holding her favorite toy of the day, the Scottish flag, Chloe and Mommy smile in the town of Inveraray. Inveraray has a castle in town (just to our left in the photo) that is ranked as one of the most beautiful in Britain and Ireland. Loch Fyne is in the background.

Last Queen of Scotland

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Chloe enjoyed running through Oban waving the rampant lion flag of Scotland. This is the 2nd national flag of Scotland and is reserved for the monarchy. Chloe preferred it to the cross of St. Andrew so we had to declare her royalty.


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Nana, Uncle Rob and Chloe smiling by the shore of Loch Lomond.

Family Photo in Luss

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A family photo on the shores of Loch Lomond.

On Shoulders

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Matt carrying Chloe through the small town of Luss, near Loch Lomond.

Which Jane Austen Character are You Like?

Saturday, May 05, 2007 No comments
I saw this quiz on another blog and as a Jane Austen fan I just had to take it. Now, I can tell Matt that there is a good reason why I make him suffer through the BBC version of "Pride & Prejudice" and the latest Keira Knightley version. I wonder if this means Matt is my Mr. Darcy?

Which Jane Austen Character are You? (For Females) Long Quiz!!!
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Forever Family Day

Friday, May 04, 2007 3 comments

May 8, 2007 will be the anniversary of our "Gotcha/Metcha" Day. On that date, Chloe will have been a part of our family for 2 years.

Donna over at Double Happiness has a weekly photo challenge for bloggers in the China adoptive community and this week her challenge was to photograph your child in the clothes he or she was wearing on "Gotcha/Metcha" Day for some then and now pictures. Since our Forever Family Day is coming up this next week I thought it was a great idea and had to participate.

Putting the clothes back on Chloe was more emotional than I thought it would be. It brought back all the memories of seeing her in the flesh for the first time - remembering how beautiful & tiny she was, how much hair she had and how it was as stiff as a board, how she wouldn't look us in the eye, how worn and stained her clothes were. I remember how big the outfit was on her in 2005 but was shocked when it actually fit her still. Chloe was 10 months old on Gotcha Day and today she is 34 months old. She weighed about 17 lbs. on Gotcha and is about 31 lbs. today.