Who Are These People?

I am Shannon, mother to Chloe, Oliver & Emma Claire, wife to Matthew. I’m a Texan (it is like a Whole ‘nother country), Matt is British, Chloe was adopted from China in 2005, Oliver was adopted from Ethiopia in 2009/2010 and Emma Claire came home from the Heilongjiang Province of China in August 2013. We lived in northern NJ, for seven years, but moved "upstate" to the Hudson Valley of NY for more elbow room and a bigger house shortly after Emma Claire arrived home.

This blog was started in 2005 to keep our family & close friends in England, Scotland, Dallas, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Ireland & Sweden informed of our lives. It’s pretty much like one long Christmas letter where we brag and boast about our children but it’s proven to be a great tool in “scrapbooking” our lives. Both Chloe and Oliver love to look at the blog and as of yet, I haven’t been told to STOP posting about them.


Born and raised in Texas, attended The University of Arkansas (GO HOGS!). Shannon met Matt in 1997 through Shannon's best friend. They were married in 1998. Shannon taught middle school for seven years (U.S. History, Texas History, Journalism & Gifted/Talented Humanities) and while she loved it, she would never return to it now that she has children. Shannon is a stay-at-home mom and currently operates as the team manager for Chloe & Oliver's racing endeavors.


Matt was born in England and was transferred to the U.S. for work in the early 90s. He has traveled extensively throughout the world working with major financial institutions and investment firms designing complex financial business systems and operations projects, with vast experience in securities processing and retail banking. He currently works for a private wealth/investment company in NYC as Chief Information Officer. Matt enjoys motor racing and for the most part, anything with a motor. He is currently rebuilding a 1982 Ford Bronco. He races with a local Porsche club, karts, has had several motor cycles and likes captaining our boat on area lakes.


Chloe has varied interests and way more activities than she should. Her first love is swimming, starting out in swim lessons and going under water with NO FEAR at the age of 11 months. She loves being "busy" and currently enjoys gymnastics, diving, swimming, science and socializing with her pals (all things she loves and refuses to give up). Chloe's greatest passion is go-karting.  She asked her father to take her karting in the fall of 2011 and she and he were hooked. Chloe was Kid Kart champion at our race club in 2012 and now races Micro locally and in the northeast region. She is ranked in the top 20 Micro drivers in the nation.


Ollie is an active little boy who is very active (did I mention he is active) with a spry & witty personality way advanced for any kid his age (and I am not just saying that because he's my kid). He'll keep you on your toes and in check. I do believe the phrase, "Give him and inch and he will take a mile" was referring to Oliver. Oliver currently enjoys karate, soccer, gymnastics and driving his kid kart around tracks (but not racing it!).  He is in kindergarten and never meets a stranger though he will try to claim he "is a little bit shy". He holds high aspirations of one day becoming a superhero.


Emma Claire was born in Heilongjiang Province, China. She is two. When in China they told us she had a "spicy personality". I laughed. She was only 11 months old. How did they know that?

Oh, they knew.

We received her referral on February 1, 2013. Shannon traveled with her sister in July 2013 to bring Emma Claire home.


We have three dogs.

Flash is a five-year old Gordon Setter. Both his parent's and most of his litter mates are award-winning show dogs. He's just a lovable goof. He's convinced himself of two things, 1) he's constantly hungry and cannot be satiated and 2) he's a lap dog. At 100+ pounds, neither of those are true and requires we spend a lot of time convincing him differently. Lets just say, it's a good thing he's cute...

Turbo & Portia are brother & sister (litter mates). They are a Maltese/Shi Tzu mix. They are mischievious, as puppies can be, and love to torment Flash, who makes a great big brother.

Portia is really loving and small. I call her the "cat dog", but she's really 5 lbs. of fury.

Turbo is a big boy at 11 lbs. and loves to wrestle Flash. 108 lbs. vs. 11 lbs. is quite funny. He's a ladies man and prefers the women in the household. He loves to run, skip, and hop outside. He also likes a good chase.

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