What a month!

Monday, October 24, 2005 No comments

October has been quite a month. Matt's Mum, Anne, came to visit her 3 grand-daughters. She was here for 3 weeks. Chloe enjoyed visiting her "Nana" and picked up lots of new words from her like, "knock-knock", "pat" and "tap, tap". We were also able to take Anne and Chloe to New York City for a long weekend. Chloe took a bite out of the Big Apple. She was all "Buy low, sell high!" when we were on Wall Street. She gathered lots of attention as she blows kisses, demands you say "hi" back to her by repeating it thousands of times and her general good looks (hey, she is the cutest baby in the world).

After only 2 weeks on the market, we sold our house. We were very thankful for the quick sale. We will live with Shannon's parents until our new house is ready. Of course, they can't wait to have Chloe come live with them and entertain them (we will have to see if they are still as excited in March when we move out).

We also decided to go ahead and submit our paperwork for baby #2 from China. We will have Chloe's 6-month homestudy update and begin the homestudy process again for #2! So, check out the website for "Emma Claire's Page" soon.

What Can't Chloe Do?

Sunday, October 02, 2005 No comments

We had a lovely family vacation to Colorado to visit Shannon's sister in Denver. Chloe enjoyed her time in Denver, viewing the mountains, Daddy and Uncle John cycling, the trees and all the ducks. That's right, according to Chloe, Colorado is infested with ducks. Everything with wings is a duck. She even called an elephant a duck. Despite her duck fetish, Chloe enjoyed meeting her Uncle John and she even picked up an Uncle John-ism. When she takes a drink now she says, "AHHHHHH!" afterwards, just like Uncle John.

Chloe has reached a lot of new milestones. She will ask for her sippy-cup now and may even take a drink from it, she also is feeding herself (sometimes) and best of all she is taking her first steps (taken for Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Deanna and Uncle John in Colorado).

Chloe's latest achievements caused Aunt Deanna to muse, "What will Chloe do next?". The three photos are Aunt Deanna predictions. They are very amusing and who knows, they could be true!?!