Channeling Mahalia

Sunday, December 23, 2007 1 comment

The Sunday before Christmas, the children of our church put on a Christmas pageant/performance. The middle school/high school kids take an active part in the performance writing the script, acting and singing solos. The younger children dress as angels and shepherds and sing in the choir.

A few Sundays ago, Chloe was sent home with a sheet of 4 songs that we should practice for the pageant. Chloe only wanted to sing one of the songs, "Go Tell it on the Mountain". The fact that Chloe chose to love this song is riotous and ironic as it was mine and my sister's favorite Christmas song of time. During the Christmas season, we would put Mahalia Jackson's version of "Go Tell it on the Mountain" on my parents record player and belt it out with her. It's a favorite memory. So, when Chloe took a liking to the song, I had to find Mahalia Jackson's version for her to practice with. Chloe practiced the song with Mahalia and Aretha Franklin. She knew all the words.

The Sunday morning of the performance, Chloe had to be a church early for a rehearsal. It was during rehearsal that I learned that having Mahalia and Aretha as tutors for your 3 year old probably wasn't the best idea. Chloe was belting it out 10 decibels above the other children. All you could hear was Chloe's version of "Go Tell it on the Mountain". She was bringing it and feeling it. Luckily, the choir director loved her enthusiasm for the song as well as she was the only pre-schooler who knew all the words (along with Aretha's special opening of the number).

Unfortunately, Chloe's jubilation and soulful rendition did not come out during the church service. During the performance, the little girl next to Chloe pushed Chloe and told her to sit down after they finished singing "Away in the Manger". This angered Chloe who then ran down the aisle of the church seeking me out to tell me of the offense. After telling Chloe the little girl was just trying to help her we sent her back up to sing "Go Tell it on the Mountain". Chloe was not pleased to stand next to her new arch nemesis, the little girl, and proceeded to pout and not sing "Go Tell it on the Mountain". She just wasn't feeling Mahalia anymore.

Naughty or Nice?

Thursday, December 20, 2007 No comments

I am placing my dog on Santa's naughty list. She tore through a trash bag last night, eating her way through Chloe's dirty pull ups and spreading coffee grounds all over the kitchen floor. Disguisting. As if that weren't bad enough, one hour later she went outside and got "skunked". Nasty. I do not think I will be able to smell again. My nostrils still burn from the skunk aroma from the dog.

Chloe would like an I-Pod and a guitar for Christmas. It all began when her Fisher-Price kiddie headphones went haywire and died. Chloe loves the dance parties she has with Daddy and helping him download his music and podcasts to his I-Pod. Thus, when her headphones gave out, she wanted an I-Pod like Daddy's. The guitar, well, she's always been mesmerized by them.

So, at dinner tonight I asked Chloe if she thought Santa would bring her the items she wanted. She said yes, she knew Santa would bring her a blue I-Pod (which is a fancier one than Daddy's BTW) and a guitar. I asked her how she knew that and she gave me the basic, expected response of a three year-old...because I have been a good girl.

The Holiday Performance

At Chloe's pre-school on Wednesday was the classes holiday performance. The kids have been rehearsing for some time now with their music director. All the classes were on the stage and sang some Christmas classics like "Frosty the Snowman" and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".
Chloe was front and center on the stage. The music teacher told me after the performance that it was planned as Chloe had quite the reputation for her cute clothing. Yes, yes, I am one of those moms who get a holiday outfit for EVERY holiday.

I got some good video footage, but I won't bore you with that. I included some photos I took at the performance.

Christmas Bounty

Chloe's last day at pre-school for the holiday break was Wednesday. She had a bounty of gifts for us and for herself. Pre-school is such fun!

Chloe holding a "reindeer candy cane" that she and I made to go in the goody bags for her classmates.

"Reindeer food."

Chloe's ornament/portrait.

Our present Chloe made for us, a candle that she colored and glittered.

The front of the card that Chloe made for us--its a reindeer.

The inside of the card. Chloe had help from her teacher in signing her name.

A Guitar and an I-Pod

When we purchased our Christmas tree, Chloe also visited Santa. It's no secret that Chloe doesn't like Santa, she's only been talking about how much she doesn't like him since last Christmas. After some coaxing, she sat all by herself on Santa's lap. We were so proud. She says she likes him now...or at least she will tolerate him if he brings her a guitar and an I-Pod.

A Cuppa

Monday, December 10, 2007 1 comment

A BIG thanks to Nana (Matt's Mum) for sending the care package of tea all the way from her Majesty's purveyors. Nothing beats having a cuppa of the finest on a cold day.

Getting Festive

We went on Saturday and purchased our tree. Chloe helped me decorate. She did her best, putting about 7 ornaments on one branch. She thought it was beautiful, which it was, but during nap I had to rearrange the ornaments to keep the branch from snapping in two.

More Artwork

Chloe has been busy in pre-school creating all sorts of artwork. I have included the "Family Tree" she created. She insisted that Emma Claire be added to the tree. It's rather sweet. I love the captions about us (we all LOVE to swim). The other shot is of the Christmas tree Chloe decorated. Apparently Chloe is into the "less is more" theory of decorating. She refused to put any more decorations on her tree and barely tolerated the glitter glue tinsel being added.

The car, oh excuse me, the drawing of the Porsche is by Matt and Chloe. Daddy came to co-op at Chloe's pre-school last week and this was his artistic creation with Chloe.


Its still fall, but winter has alread reared its head here in the NE. I snapped some shots of Chloe helping Matt clear off the sidewalks during the last snow fall over a week ago.

(Really, it's all about how cute she looks in her snowsuit.)