Temple Visit

Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Shannon, being instructed by Ike, on how to light the three sticks on incense properly.

The Chambers' family at the Six Banyan Trees Buddhist temple.

Matt and Chloe enjoying our greatest purchase to date, a baby carrier!

We woke up very tired this morning. Chloe did not have a good night. If Shannon tried to lay her in her crib, she would pop up and cry and scream. Shannon ended up holding Chloe in her arms all night. Chloe would wake up every 1 1/2 hours and have to be soothed back to sleep. Chloe woke up in a cranky mood and would not take a bottle. Matt also woke up feeling ill.

We kept Chloe in her night clothes and took turns going to breakfast while one person stayed on "Chloe watch" in the room. Matt discovered that Chloe does better if she is out of the room and has something to occupy her (she is very inquisitive). We decided to take the group tour to the Buddhist temple. Before we boarded the bus, we went to the gift shop in the White Swan Hotel and bought a baby carrier. We brought the European hammock style which Chloe hated. The baby carrier was a godsend.

We went to the temple with the other families in our group. We all lit incense and said prayers for our daughters. After the temple, we went to another Friendship Store and shopped for jade and traditional Chinese clothing as gifts for Chloe.

In the afternoon, Chloe took a long and needed nap. We started her on a anti-histamine and discovered that her nose is stopped up. We then discovered Chloe had left us a present...a poopie! This is a momentous occasion for all the kids and parents and we are proud to report that Chloe delivered her surprise first in the group!

After the medicine and bowel relief, Chloe was on a turnaround. She played with two of her Quijiang sisters and went for a walk in her baby carrier with mommy and daddy around Shamian Island.

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