Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ok, ok, it has been a while since I posted but Chloe has been very busy. Here's a catch-up on whats been going on...

  • Chloe is eating like a champ! She doesn't care for baby food. If it is in a jar then she doesn't want it! She wants to eat what we are eating and she wants to eat it off a fork.
  • Chloe decided it was time to hold her own bottle! She is still working on learning how to tip it to get the last remaining ounces out. We hope that she will decide to take the sippy cup instead of the bottle. Right now she likes to play with the sippy cup, not use it.
  • Chloe is cruising around and likes to stand on her own and the fall and say "Boom!". It is a game that we play. Her pediatrician said she is capable of walking any day now, it just depends on if Miss Chloe wants to or not.
  • Chloe LOVES music and dancing. If she hears a beat (even hammering) then she will start dancing. We bought her a little musical piano and she enjoys banging out some tunes.
  • In August, Chloe's Grandad visited from Sweden. Chloe enjoyed the visit and all the attention!
  • Chloe's lastest words are "duck", "up", "down", "out", "bye-bye", "eat", "bite", "Lizzie" (which is "is-e"), "hey!" and "meow" (for the cats). Sometimes she tries to form a sentence and you get "Duck duck down Daddy", but she says it as if it makes perfect sense and you should fully understand it.

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