Bronx Zoo

Thursday, August 16, 2012
This past week has been unstructured and its getting the best of me, of all of us. I never thought I would say that I miss having swim practice everyday. It was structured. This past week has been about running errands, school clothes shopping (at the Nike Store---a sign I've given up completely) and laundry.

At the zoo entrance.
The kids have played well together, but there are a lot of temper tantrums and fights. We needed to leave the house and take an excursion. I've always purchased a family membership to the NY Zoos and Aquarium so we headed out for the Bronx Zoo.

The only request was to see the rhinoceros and the giraffe. The biggest highlight, as it seemed for 95% of the park crammed into the exhibit, was the zoo animals made from Legos. Weren't there real animals in the park to see?
Near the brown bear exhibit--all Legos.

The Lego Zebra in the Lego Wild! exhibit.
We also visited the Africa exhibit and I insisted we see the baboons from Ethiopia. We got quite a show from the male of the group. Yes, he was definitely male.

And then there was the Bug Carousel and the children's zoo. My kids were more excited about seeing goats and chickens than giraffes. And pestering me for cotton candy. And popcorn. And Icees.
On the Bug Carousel.

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