Insult to Injury

Thursday, November 08, 2012
Its not like we didn't just have a hurricane blow through, but yesterday we had a Nor'easter bring wind and snow. The kids had just returned to school on Wednesday and in the late afternoon the snow began falling.

The grocery stores were insane. I got one of the last gallons of milk.

Many people we knew had just gotten their power returned on Tuesday night then had it knocked out on Wednesday evening.

Of course, it was snow and that means the kids were so excited. School was delayed this morning and put the kids in their snow gear and let them play in the yard.

It was all fun and games until we saw...

The snowfall had caused one of our trees to sag taking the power line with it. We still have power, but its hanging by a thread (literally). Our recycling guys were nice enough to lift the line and tie it to a tree branch so no one would run it down. It is still drooping, so it could still happen if a large truck or bus comes down the road. We wait for the electric company to fix it and pray no one rips it down.

Of course, the downed power line didn't stop the kids from running around the front yard (away from the line and danger) throwing snow. I had to beg them to come inside so I could call the electric company.
Oliver attempted to put his hat on himself. Getting kids dressed in layers of snow gear is never fun, but seeing the finished product is precious!

I tried to enlist the kids to clean the front steps off. It lasted for about 10 seconds.

Then it was to throwing snow balls.

And trying to get Mom with snow.

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