Christmas List

Friday, October 25, 2013
I like to have my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving which means the kids need to start making their lists. Yesterday at dinner seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

Chloe demanded to know why Santa needed this list so early. I think the "wonder of Christmas" is starting to wane. She's made several remarks as such.

Oliver made his Christmas wish list in about 5 seconds. When he saw he still had one blank left he said, "Let me watch TV and I will tell you what I want after I see commercials." Scary, especially since I tell him all the time that commercials and ads want him to want the product and it probably isn't as fantastic as they make it.

Emma Claire's list. We kind of did it for her. I added "my own room" because while we are in the rental waiting to move into the house she is in our room. We also need to purchase her a dresser for her new room.

Oliver's list. Somewhere underneath the squiggles is his name printed. He decided he needed to "sign" it in cursive instead.

Chloe's list. We have obviously moved on to the bigger and better (and more expensive) items.

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