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Wednesday, November 05, 2014
Its been a while since I've done an Emma Claire update. She's approaching 27 months old and is starting to come into her own opinions, likes and dislikes.

Since September we've been doing a Mommy & Me class and she's been doing a Parent/Child gymnastics class with me while Oliver is in his gymnastics class.

She takes time to warm-up to things and is very wary of strangers. But, this year she has started to come out of her shell as she gets used to the weekly classes. She really loves gymnastics and likes to swing from the bar and do flips. She even let Miss Kathy, who was the teacher last year and this year, actually help her! That's a big step as she wouldn't even look at her last year.

Emma Claire is still waking at night and getting her to nap without me in the room is problematic. Naps are generally hit or miss with her and I really have to force the issue. We changed Mommy & Me classes because she still sees an OT for some fine motor skills work and both were on the same day. She was falling asleep at OT and she loves her therapist. We've now moved to another day and into a smaller class, which works out great.

Playing a sorting game in Mommy & Me.

In her pumpkin overalls (that once belonged to big sis, Chloe).

Bouncing at gym.

Balancing with help from Miss Kathy.

She loves to do flips.

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