Christmas Road Trip

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
We drove to Atlanta for Christmas to celebrate at my sister's home with my parents.. All the kids presents were left at home and we opened presents when we returned home on the Sunday after Christmas.

Three dogs, three kids, two adults all piled into one wagon.

On the way to Atlanta. The kids loved to hold the puppies on the ride down and Flash got some extra room int he back. This is when everyone is still enjoying the drive, before the car filled with the smell of dog and before Emma Claire got sick (thanks to her big brother plying her with gummy worms.)

The weather in Atlanta was nice, perhaps a bit chillier than expected but warm enough to take the boat out on Lake Lanier.
On the lake fishing. They attempted to catch something many times during the week, but were never successful. 

The kids also got to open presents.

The kids around the tree. 

And we enjoyed a large bonfire at the home of a friend of Deanna and John.
The family watching the bonfire. 
Our family around the bonfire.

The kids had a good time and can't wait to return (via airplane, they hope) this summer to fully enjoy Lake Lanier.

Oliver and Chloe asleep on the car ride back to NY. Oliver got sick on the ride back. I think he gets carsick easily, especially sitting in the middle. 

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