Back to Canada

Monday, June 15, 2015
We were back in Canada (again) for the third time this race season for the second in the four series Canadian regional race. Chloe's race craft is improving and the race was also the first time she drove her new kart chassis and refurbished motors.

This time the race was outside of Montreal at a very nice kart track located on the old Mirabel airport. If you like cars and racing this is the place for you. We camped with views of the kart track to the front, the rental kart track just behind and the race circuit and drag strip to our left. There seemed to always be some form of auto racing going on.
Chloe on track with a cargo jet taking off in the background.
Oliver and Emma Claire by their favorite car at the track.

This lineup was directly behind our RV. We enjoyed having them as our neighbors for the weekend.

This was our 6:30 a.m. wake up call on Saturday morning. You can hear from the crying in the background that Emma Clairedid not enjoy that alarm clock.

This was our evenings entertainment after the racing was over the first day--

And then, there was this, which was possibly the most ridiculously loud vehicle I have ever heard. People would pay to be taken on a joy ride in it. We got the joy of hearing loss.

We camped again with our fellow racers and friends and also had Tom and Amelia fly up to visit as well.
Tom gave Chloe a BirelArt jacket for her birthday. She's been asking for one for a long time.

Part of the camping crew.
It was also Chloe's birthday!
Happy 11th birthday Chloe!
Emma Claire was also pleased to have someone her age to play with.
Practicing with bubbles as a trophy on the podium.

Coloring with Amelia.

It was great fun with great racing. The only hitch in our visit north was crossing the Canadian border. Usually it's pretty straightforward and a pleasant experience but thanks to the prison break just a few miles from the border that had two convicted murderers on the loose, we were boarded and the RV and trailer searched. It wasn't too long of a delay, just a little excitement,  and the AK-47 wielding Canadian troopers were very nice.

Chloe with a fellow teammate before her final.

Chloe and D at the awards ceremony Sunday. D got a 2nd place finish and the "champagne" spray!
Oliver and Chloe got their birthday presents while we were in Canada, dirt bikes. If it has wheels, our kids want it.

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