Fitter & Faster Swim Clinic

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Chloe participated with other members of her swim team in the Fitter & Faster Swim Tour clinic. She got to spend a day learning from three-time Olympian and silver medalist Kara Lynn Joyce and current National Champion Zane Grothe.
Kara Lynn let the kids hold her Olympic medals.

Getting autographs.
At the end of the day, the swimmers had a chance to race both Kara Lynn and Zane. Chloe got to go up against Zane. He underestimated her speed and she was the only swimmer of the day to beat him. We recorded the race, you can see Zane gives the kids a sizable head start, but Chloe still beats him to the wall. Not bad for a kid who is almost always the smallest at the blocks. Chloe of course didn't realize until she got out of the pool that she beat him. (Chloe is at the top of the frame, next to Zane in the pink swim cap).

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