Happy Halloween!

Sunday, November 01, 2015
I think Star Wars costumes are the big hit of Halloween costumes.
Oliver (Darth Vader) and Chloe (storm trooper)

The kids went to a Halloween party at Tae Kwon Do and I could barely find them amongst the other Darth Vaders and storm troopers.
Oliver and his pals all dressed as Darth Vader. 
We went trick or treating again with neighbors. I don't believe Oliver walked at all, but ran the entire time from house to house spreading us out and wearing us out. 

The neighborhood crew. Chloe went as herself--race driver. Emma Claire dressed as a kangaroo, one of Chloe's old costumes. You can see Chloe in it here.

Chloe once again went out with her friends in the neighborhood trick or treating--she's too cool to trick or treat with her little brother and sister. 

Emma Claire "got" Halloween this year. While she didn't go to every house, mostly because we couldn't and keep up Oliver, she had fun, especially when she discovered that you got chocolate!
Emma Claire going to pre-school as a community helper-- a veterinarian. 
Emma Claire at the Halloween party at gymnastics. Her pre-school does not dress us for Halloween but does a community helper day (hence the Veterinarian outfit above).
The original Halloween costume, a pink puppy. Very cute, but according to EC, very itchy. 

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