Friday, January 01, 2016

We went to Dallas to celebrate Christmas this year. Our flight was on Christmas Day so the kids could open all their presents before we left. 

Chloe opening her cover for her Macbook laptop before she actually opened the laptop. She kind of knew what was coming next. 

Oliver got his helmet painted. He chose a Lewis Hamilton/Ayrton Senna design. Jose, who painted the helmet put a special touch, the Ethiopian flag on the back. 

Emma Claire got her Porsche GT3. She told you that's what she wanted Santa Claus.

The kids got up on Christmas morning and they had other presents. Santa brought Emma Claire Shopkins and Oliver and Chloe got hoverboards (preferably the kind that don't catch fire and burn down houses).

We then flew to Dallas and arrived at Bebe and PaPaw's house for Christmas dinner and more presents.

While we were in Dallas, we got to see Matt's brother and our neices and nephew.
The cousins all had fun at the hockey game.
 And Matt and I got away sans children to Austin.

Happy Holidays and Happy 2016!

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