The Tank

Friday, February 26, 2016
Some 18 months after getting our saltwater reef aquarium we decided it was time to really get it going. I've spent the last year or so trying to learn the ins and outs of the tank and not much has been happening in it. So, for Valentine's, we paid a visit to the store where we bought it and made a plan to really get the tank going. We added some more live rock, sand, got a big cleanup crew of conchs, snails, starfish, crabs and shrimp and picked out some fish. I even added some corals and an anemone (that drives me nut with all of its moving around the tank)! 

The kids and Matt named all the fish, after Top Gun characters (who came up with that idea I wonder?). 

We now have a beautiful display tank with the following fish. Their names are in parantheses and the star denotes who has claimed it as their favorite fish--

Hippo Tang (Maverick) *Matt
Clown Tang (Jester)
Yellow Tang (Lotus) *Emma Claire
Tomato Clown (Goose) *Chloe
Clarkii Clown (Sundown) *Oliver

We also have 4 small damsels (one of which has always been in the tank from setup) and 2 sandsifting gobys. 

Goose, Lotus and Jester. 

Maverick (aka Dory)

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