Visitors to the City

Saturday, March 19, 2016

It's always nice to see visitors. My aunt and her granddaughter (my 2nd cousin), Abigail, came to NYC to sightsee. It was a high school graduation present for Abigail. Chloe and Matt were in Florida racing, but Oliver, Emma Claire and I went into the city to "visit". It was a great day. We had such nice weather and it was fun to go into Central Park and enjoy it. Little did we know that the weather was going to get much colder on Monday and would stay that way for a while. It was nice to enjoy spring with family before winter re-emerged.

Oliver, Abigail and Emma Claire in the park.

The world to Oliver is just one big parkour course.

Emma Claire really liked playing with Abigail. 
My Aunt Laura and me.

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