Sunday, January 06, 2013

Karting Awards Banquet

Saturday was the OVRP Club Banquet and Chloe got her kid kart trophy. Matt's brother, Rob, was in town and had a stopover on a business trip to Europe. He was able to attend the banquet as well.
Chloe dining.

Oliver spent most of the banquet playing his DS.

Matt & Rob.
 Chloe was the last to be awarded her trophy for Kid Kart Champion of 2012. Its a huge trophy and she is very proud of it as well she should be.
Some of Chloe's pals receiving their awards for Cadet.

In front of the audience, accepting the award.

Chloe back at the table with her trophy.
 Matt took Chloe outside this morning and snapped some shots of her in her race suit with all her trophies from the last season.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Chloe! We are very proud of your accomplishment.

Love You
PaPaw & BeBe

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