The Newest Citizen!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005
We received documentation that Chloe is officially recognized as a citizen of the United States. We received her Certificate of Citizenship on Monday, July 18, along with a letter from President Bush congratulating Chloe. After Kindermusik today, Chloe and I visited our local Social Security office. Chloe enjoyed the 2 hour wait, she had three little girls who were waiting with their parents and wanted to play with her. One of the little girls told me she was an only child and she wanted a baby brother or sister. After our mind-numbingly slow wait, Chloe and I were called back to turn in her application for a Social Security card. The first thing the guy asked for was a birth certificate! I said, "what birth certificate?" Apparently the Certificate of Citizenship is not enough, my 13-month old daughter needs a second proof of identity. He had to settle for our health insurance card with her name on it. In the end, Chloe will be getting her Social Security number and we can set up all her bank and savings accounts. You can't do anything without a Social Security card these days. Once her card arrives, Chloe will get to visit another government office to get her U.S. Passport. She's planning on being an "international baby of mystery" and see the world sites, well at the least her Daddy's home country of England.

In other news...Chloe was upset to hear that her cycling hero Magnus Backstedt dropped out of the Tour de France this morning. She wouldn't "allez, allez, allez" after that news. She was relieved though to see a good stage 16 today and a win for Oscar Pereiro (she kind of thinks he's cool).