The Garden State is Now Home

Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Chloe and I arrived in our new home state late last night. Friday's closing will make New Jersey officially our home.

Our departure from Texas was bittersweet. I have lived outside of Texas before, but I always knew I was coming back. This transfer has been a long-time coming. Matt & I feel that this move is best for our family, as Dallas doesn't hold too many opportunities for his business. Matt's in the "big leagues" now in NYC, and it has been a goal for him and his business to make it to this level.

Since we arrived in at midnight, Chloe and I slept in late today, . The weather here is bright and sunny and around 68 degrees. I feel like I am getting to relive spring all over again! We stalked our new home and checked out our new hometown. Everything is in full bloom and the town looks like Mayberry, very idyllic.

In an odd twist, our realtor called us this afternoon to tell us that the 1st house we put an offer on was now back on the market. The people whose offer they took over ours did not get a mortgage. We both offered the same amount for the house, but they took the other offer because it seemed more solid, they were putting a HUGE amount down on the house (almost enough to outright buy the house). As it turns out, that downpayment was untrue and the couple couldn't qualify for a mortgage. When they told us they accepted the other offer, they said if it fell through, we could have the house. Well, they stuck to their word and called us, but unfortunately for them, they found out their offer wasn't going to materialize the same week we are moving into another house. I do feel bad for them. They were supposed to close this week too, and only just found out. Their realtor said they had already packed up and moved out in preparation for closing.

My sister is coming in tomorrow from Denver to help watch the Chloester while we move in. I am going to take lots of photos of the move-in. For those of you who know, when we sold our house in Texas, we were only supposed to being moving one town north. But, as fate would have it, this became a cross-country move. We have 3800 sq. feet of stuff to cram into a 2400 sq. foot house. This should be interesting. Add to the mix that we hired our realtor's son and his pals on the high school lacrosse team to unpack the truck. This should be entertaining.

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Erin said...

What a strange twist! I hope you love it up there. We miss you and Chloe and hope to see you soon! Erin