A New Crib

Saturday, June 25, 2011
Matt & Chloe were running an errand on Saturday and I was home with Oliver, who was supposed to be napping. A giant THUD soon alerted me that Oliver was not asleep at all. I went to his room to discover that Oliver had unassembled his crib and not in a good way. He had pushed and pushed until the front section had shirred from the sides of the crib. How he managed that kind of strength I don't know. All we know was it WAS a nice and expensive crib.

Oliver met me with a big smile and an "Uh-oh",  as he held the very large, broken section of his crib.

When Matt returned home he surveryed the damage and declared the crib to be beyond repair. A quick trip to the baby superstore landed Oliver a new crib (we're not quite ready to put him in a toddler bed) and round 2 of nap time.

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