More Costa Rica

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
We took along some disposable, water-proof cameras on vacation. I thought Chloe would like to use them. Turns out she didn't but Oliver did. I got the pictures back last night. We have lots of self-portraits of Oliver and other unknown images he snapped. I won't share those.

There were a few good shots. On Tuesday, Matt and I took Chloe to the beach and she body boarded. I have all but convinced myself that Chloe will become a surfer. Perhaps when we return to Costa Rica we will sign her up for surf lessons.

Matt launching Chloe on her body board.

You saw it here first people, Chloe, catches her first wave. She would ride the waves all the way in to the beach. She was having a blast.

Chloe asked if there are professional bodyboarders? Yes, there are. You can go here to see a video. Perhaps I was wrong on surfer. Bodyboarder?

PaPaw heading out snorkeling with Chloe & Matt getting ready to get in the water.

Matt & Chloe snorkeling. The water is rough and there are rock cropping with stinging nettles and fish so having something to steady yourself was helpful (though I did bump into the rocks on one occassion with my flippers).

Look closely and you can see some fish. The water wasn't very clear and to get a good look at fish you had to dive down to see them well.

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