Water for Africa

Wednesday, February 01, 2012
You should be able to click on the picture to enlarge it, but it reads: Help kids in Africa who don't have clean water. Please give money. Stop and give money.

Chloe's Brownie troop has been learning about the importance of water and has been thinking of fundraising ideas to raise money to fund the building of a new well for The Water Project, a U.S. based non-profit that brings safe drinking water to Africa and India.

This particular project has struck a real chord in Chloe and she keeps asking me questions about Africa and what life is like and why so many wouldn't have access to safe drinking water. I think much of what she has learned about Africa has struck a heartstring as she frequently brings up that Oliver is from Africa.

Almost daily Chloe asks questions and talks about ways to raise money to build a new well. She has had lots of ideas. Some good and some not so good.

I guess an idea struck Chloe this past Saturday when she was helping Matt clean the convertible. I was working inside the house and Matt, unaware of the troops fundraising efforts, came inside, alarmed,  and asked why Chloe was standing on the street holding a sign asking for money.

Seems Chloe took it upon herself to make a sign and ask random cars driving by for money. We appreciated her enthusiasm and effort but had to put a stop to it. We let her leave the sign up on the tree in the front yard.

After explaining that she meant well but that it wasn't the best or safest plan to ask random strangers driving by for money I set about to get some more information from Chloe's Brownie troop leaders. I was thankful that the leaders decided that to raise money for the well they would offer a challenge to the families of the girls in the Brownie troop. We also eventually hope to take the challenge to Chloe's elementary school. So, for two weeks we are trying not to spend any money on beverages by drinking only tap water. We will then donate the money we save to The Water Project.

Thankfully, Chloe's on board with this fundraising plan and I won't find her with a cup and posterboard on the corner of the street again!

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