Adoption Update

Friday, March 29, 2013
No news really. We are waiting on our i800a approval still. It seem a few weeks ago many people were getting their i800a approvals pretty quick, like a few days after fingerprinting. Doesn't seem to be our case.

I called USCIS to check in on our case on the day we were originally scheduled to be fingerprinted, Thursday, March 28, hoping our case had been assigned to an officer but it hadn't. The officer who answered the phone told me a file had been created but that we weren't assigned to an officer yet, which means that no one has looked at our file and it made no difference to get fingerprinted a week early. She then reiterated that "the USCIS has 90 days to approve your application."

I think she picked up pretty easily by my sigh that that tidbit wasn't helpful and she offered a "BUT we're averaging about 45 days. Expect mid-April."

Still not what I was hoping for, especially since we still have to file our i-800 to bring Emma Claire into the US and then have that forwarded to the US and Chinese Consulate.

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