Science Fair

Friday, March 08, 2013
Chloe participated in the school science fair this year. We chose a "go big" project that involved go-karting. Chloe's project was "Jets and Filters: Tuning a Two-Stroke Engine". We went to the track to test the different carbeurator jets and filters to see which would make the kart go faster. It was freezing cold and snowing. Matt and Chloe were troopers out in the cold. Oliver and I were wimps in the car timing.

Chloe also made a video where she explained how her kart engine works, the purpose of a jet and the purpose of a air filter.

She was super excited to show off her kart at school. Did I mention this was a science fair project?

Matt worked from home on the day the kids visited the science fair from the classrooms and in the afternoon went to school to help Chloe present her project to her class. The night before, Chloe and I went to the evening display for parents.

Chloe loved the attention and loved talking about karting with her classmates and school friends. So did Matt!

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