15-Months Old

Wednesday, November 06, 2013
Emma Claire is 15 months old today. She's been home a little over 3 months.

The details--
Weight: 21 lbs., 10.6 ounces
Length: 30 inches

Her personality is out in full-force. She's shy to warm up to people, can be very silly when she feels comfortable with you and puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. I have had to fish some items from her jowls A LOT, especially with a brother and sister that like to leave bits and pieces around. She can also be meddlesome, she likes to dig through my purse, the files, and take apart the kitchen cabinets she can get into. She also LOVES to give kisses.

She loves her older siblings and Oliver can make her giggle wildly. She is not walking yet but can stand for a few seconds on her own. She is using the signs for "eat" and "more". She has a few words-hot, get, Mommy, GeGe, JieJie, Ow (as in ouch), up, doggy, and Daddy. There may be a few more words in there, but those are the words we can decipher.

She barely qualified for Early Childhood and we are going to use the services to get her up to speed.

We are also still waiting on her Certificate of Citizenship. I can't seem to get a straight answer from USCIS on the whereabouts of her certificate. We were told a few weeks ago that it was in queue for printing. It's been 99 days since we've come home. It should have arrived before 45 days home. So frustrating.


Thomp SONS and a daughter said...

She's so beautiful and sweet! Thanks for the update!

Thomp SONS and a daughter said...

She's beautiful and sweet! Thanks for the update!