Happy Halloween!

Friday, November 01, 2013

Oliver may not want to share his Halloween candy, but he freely shared his Halloween cold. Four out of 5 of us are under the weather (Chloe seems to never get colds). It was humid, damp and unseasonably warm--not a great combination for those suffering from a croup-like cough.

All Chloe wanted to do was to go trick or treating with her pals from the neighborhood. As soon as she got off the bus, she started watching the clock. All Emma Claire wanted to do was go to sleep. She was a good sport letting me put her in the panda costume. 

Oliver was eager to trick or treat, chasing Chloe and her friends from house to house. I somehow ended up buying two red Power Ranger costumes and it turned out to be a smart move as Oliver came home from preschool with grass stains all over the white legs of the costume. A quick switch and he was ready to go too. He is on the mend, almost back to 100% but has a wicked cough and our pediatrician has put him back on the nebulizer until the hacking subsides. I was able to convince him we should cut the trick or treating short after he struggled to catch his breath chasing Chloe from house to house. 

Chloe stayed out with her pals and their mom and Oliver, Emma Claire and I returned home to hand out candy. Emma Claire called it an early night and was asleep in her crib by 6:30 pm. Poor little panda.

The Halloween costume rundown:

Zorro, the Red Power Ranger & a little panda bear.

Poor Emma wasn't feeling so well but she was a good sport. We originally wanted her to be a white tiger but the costume was sold out and on backorder. She made a cute panda.

Chloe as Zorro. This is the second time Chloe has been Zorro. She loves the accessories.

Oliver as the red Power Ranger. There were so many things he wanted to be, but I finally had to call it and just make the purchase.
The Halloween day:
Emma Claire in her Halloween outfit. I thought it was precious, Oliver and Chloe thought she looked like Two-Face or the Joker from Batman. "Why are you torturing her?" Chloe asked. We got lots of compliments.

Oliver at pre-school. They sang a few songs for the parents and went on a Halloween parade.

Some of his classmates and their costumes.

The Halloween parade.

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