Friday, March 07, 2014
Oliver came home from pre-school today with a drawing he made of me.

Not sure how I feel about the portrait of me.

One of the goals for Emma Claire is to learn and use a pincer grip. Normally Emma Claire rakes her food with four fingers, grabbing a handful and shoving it in her mouth or using this raking to pick things up. We've been trying to develop her pincer grip and Emma Claire's occupational therapist has been giving me ideas to encourage Emma Claire to use a pincer grip. One was to give her a snack with something she would really want and have to pick it out using her index and thumb. So, one day I gave her a snack cup filled with goldfish crackers and a couple of M&Ms. I quickly saw that Emma Claire wanted the M&Ms over the goldfish but she was still not willing to pick out the M&Ms out using her pincer. Instead, she enlisted the help of Flash the dog. I managed to snap some shots of the pair's symbiotic relationship--avoiding the pincer to pick out a particular object but each getting what they wanted.

A snack cup with something really, really good inside. I think I will shove my whole hand inside.

Hmm, I got some crackers. Not what I wanted. I will have to shove my whole hand in their again, take out a fistful and separate the two on the floor.

I am going to put these crackers on the floor and eat this M&M.

Here Flash, you can have these. I don't want them. I want the good stuff.

Cleaning up.

What a team.

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