OVRP Banquet

Monday, March 03, 2014
This past weekend was the OVRP banquet for the 2013 race season. Chloe received two trophies, 2nd place in the OVRP Club Championship and 2nd place in the Northeast Rotax Region. Matt also received two trophies (which he shared with Oliver).

The banquet is also a luncheon and can go on for several hours. Oliver and Emma Claire lost interest pretty quickly after the plates were cleared. I spent most of the event wrangling a toddler.

The NE Rotax Regional Micro top 3.

The OVRP Club Micro Championship top 3.

Matt and Oliver receiving their trophy.

After the awards ceremony we invited 4 families back to our house for a get-together. There were 8 adults and 11 children total to who came back to the house. It was impromptu, but it turned out to be a great evening with our track friends. The kids played games in the basement and even had a soccer game in the barn while the adults talked the upcoming race season and other topics.

The evening really made us look forward to warmer weather when we can hang outside and hold some BBQs with our friends.

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