21 Months

Tuesday, May 06, 2014
Emma Claire is now 21 months old. Her language is starting to take off and she will now point to things so I will tell her what it is called.

She was sleeping through the night without waking, but that seems to be over this last week. *SIGH*

Nap time also seems to be non-existent. This last month, I got one two-hour nap out of her but most days her nap is 20-30 minutes max.  *SIGH*

Emma Claire's personality is also coming out. She's quite sassy. She has also started a slight growl/shriek when you take something from her she shouldn't have. She's very good a letting you know her displeasure.

Her latest game is running from you. It's not very funny when you are in public places or outside. She also likes to tell you "NO!" with a big grin when you ask her to do something.

She's becoming her own little person and quite a character.

Copycat - she sees her sister wearing these headphones and talking on the phone. I caught her on the couch like these, babbling into the phone with the headphones on just like Chloe.

In the grocery store. She screeched for the ball and the yogurt tube. Two of her favorite things in the world.

I was making breakfast for everyone and went into the laundry room where I found Emma Claire sneaking into a bag of Tostitos.

I really should force her to wear a bib. She is the messiest eater but she enjoys it.

Demanding I help her eat her yogurt.

She loves watermelon like Mommy. She also likes to rub macaroni and cheese all over her neck, face, clothes and hair (you can't tell in this photo that the back of her hair is matted in cheese.)

Waiting with Mommy at the doctor's office and trying to rip out her "pretty" aka hair bow.

Crazy baby hair- she successfully took out her pig tails instead of taking a nap.

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