It's Almost Back to School Time

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Oliver has been up and down about going to kindergarten. He tells me he wants to be homeschooled (He thinks he can play Wii all day if he is), but he got more excited as we went back to school shopping, especially when he got to pick out a new backpack and lunch box.

The summer break is coming to a close. Back to school is in sight. The backpacks are all loaded with back to school supplies, the back to school shopping is done and I have started putting PTA meetings, sports schedules and back to school/meet the teacher nights on the calendar.

Oliver will start kindergarten and Chloe will be a 5th grader in her last  year of elementary school. We just found out who Oliver's teacher will be and I've heard lots of positive feedback about her. She sounds like a good fit for Ollie. He is also in class with our neighbor, so both boys are super-excited to have a friend they know in class.

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