North Carolina

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
It's been the summer of kart racing. When I think back on the last two months, I think of all the races and trips we've taken in Nellie to various tracks.

We've camped at a lot of tracks and done a lot of traveling in Nellie this summer.

We had a club race in New Jersey before we headed out to North Carolina for double-header club race in Mooresville.

The podium in NJ.

We came back from Sunday's race in NJ, cleaned up Nellie, packed for NC, resupplied with food and left for NC on Wednesday. We went so Chloe could learn the track ahead of the big Pan-American Challenge race that will be held there in October.

We had a custom kart suit made for Chloe that would match her helmet and it arrived just as we were pulling out of the driveway for NC. Great timing UPS! Chloe was super-excited to try it on and wear it at the event.
My sister and brother-in-law came up from Atlanta to see her race and our friend Tom also came with his daughter. It was a fun weekend and a learning experience for us all.

Tom, Amelia and Chloe

Shakey came too.

Deanna, John, Matt, Chris, Chloe, Oliver and Emma Claire enjoying some NC-style BBQ.

We met some nice people and we met some not so nice people who will do anything to make sure their kid wins. Everyone learned something at this race, but most of all, we are excited and looking forward to the race in October. Chloe has a whole team behind her who believe in her driving talent and ability to win.

Emma Claire liked tire lifting. I think she would like to be on Chloe's pit crew.

It was HOT in NC. I loved it, especially since the northeast has had a cool summer.
Emma Claire wants to drive.

She can almost touch the pedals.

And after the battle on the track, the top four kids go off and play together.

Emma Claire and I watching Chloe practice.

The whole family at the podium.

Oliver looking handsome on his scooter. He made lots of new friends in NC.
Oliver and Chloe got some time on track together on Friday. Oliver has driven a lot of different tracks for a kid who doesn't race!

Chloe wanted to prove she could ride her bike without touching the handle bars.

Chloe and her coach & tuner, Chris, going out for a practice session.

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