Halloween 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014
Happy Halloween from the two officers and their inmate.

The kids picked these costumes out themselves and came up with the idea all on their own. Oliver's policeman costume was backordered until the week of Halloween and it arrived on the 30th, just in the nick of time. He couldn't stand that Chloe had her costume for nearly a month before his arrived. Emma Claire loved her costume and kept the entire thing on all night.

The schools in our area don't allow kids to wear their costumes to school. But, Oliver's school has a hoe down the day of Halloween. The kids can dress as cowboys/cowgirls.

What Oliver wore to school on Halloween for his Hoe Down.
We went trick or treating with neighbors in the large neighborhood behind us. 
Chloe got to meet up with some friends and continue trick or treating with the "big kids" after all these little ones had called it quits.
We had a large stash of candy at the end of the night, especially when you added the candy I bought to hand out. We had NO trick or treaters at our house. I didn't believe the neighbors that we got no one, they were right. Our houses sit too far back off the road and its a busy street with no sidewalk. No trick or treaters but our own.

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