What a Week(s)

Friday, October 03, 2014
Over the last two weeks we've had our fair share of bad luck. It started before our trip to Quebec. The plan was that my parents would fly in and go with us to Canada. But, my father got shingles and the plan changed. We went to Canada without my parents and didn't have the best of luck on the track.
The day after we got back from our race trip to Canada, Matt went to India for a week and a half on business where he got really ill and a doctor had to be called.  Luckily some meds helped him feel better but he also got his iPhone stolen while out shopping for rugs.
With my dad on the mend, my mom decided to come and see the kids who had a four-day weekend. We enjoyed some fall colors and some warm weather. Having my mom come was a positive, but during her stay my sunroof on my car decided to refuse to close and had to go into the shop for repair. Several hundreds of dollars and nearly 7 days later my car was fixed. 
BeBe got to see Oliver play soccer and score two goals.
While Chloe and Oliver were in school, BeBe, Emma and I checked out the Hudson Valley farm-market scene.

The kids wanted to play a trick on Matt and send him this photo of them with the loaner car with a caption that read: "Mom bought a new car while you were out of the country."
The kids favorite activity, eating out at a local restaurant that has a sand pit for kids. I chaired a fundraiser for Chloe's school which donated a percentage of the night's dinner bill to her elementary.

My mom stayed a week and just a few hours after she left, Oliver broke two fingers doing a somersault at gymnastics. Lets just say that our trip to the ER wasn't pleasant and Oliver hasn't enjoyed having two finger restricted (more on that in another post).

Matt came back from India for a few days before heading out for another business trip in Florida. I'm hoping things will calm down a bit so I can get some laundry done and we can start prepping for two big trips/kart races we have this month.

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