Paper Airplanes

Friday, February 06, 2015
The girls varsity basketball team hosted a paper airplane competition for the elementary school children during half time at one of their home basketball games. Oliver and Chloe wanted to compete.

The kids got free pom-poms to cheer on the team. 
We spent an afternoon watching You Tube videos on how to make a paper plane that flies far. Some of us were more interested in others. Funny enough, the one who lost interest was the one who did the best in the competition.

The kindergarteners and first graders competed separately with the 2-5th graders competing against each other.

Oliver (white shirt, dancing around) won the flight competition with his plane. He broke out into a dance when he won. Chloe's plane (she's in the bright pink on the right) looked like it was going to go far at the start, but came short in 4th place.
Oliver felt like a superstar.

Skipping back from his win. 

The winning plane. 

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