Two Years Post Referral

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Two years ago we got "The Call" that Emma Claire was waiting for us in northern China and thus our six year wait for referral came to an end.

So, in celebration of this day, here's an update on Emma Claire.

Emma Claire is now 30 months old (Two and a Half!) and she officially declares herself a "big girl".

She's a chatty little girl with her language seemingly developing overnight. She's also overly dramatic, but she always displayed this characteristic. She's just amped it up a notch.

Her favorite phrases:

"Emma big girl."

"That hurts." -- to clarify, everything hurts. She doesn't like things around her neck and I put her in a turtleneck onesie. There was MUCH drama regarding this article of clothing and I was told it "hurts". Underwear also hurts. So does diapers. Even marker on her finger hurts. In other words, if she doesn't like it, it hurts.

"Homey!" This one cracks me up because she walks around when she is tired saying, "Mommy, homey!" which in Emma Claire translation is "Mommy, hold me."  In case you don't get why this is funny, here's a link to the urban dictionary for "homey".

Emma Claire currently likes Hello Kitty, terrorizing the puppies, terrorizing her big brother (payback Oliver, payback), gymnastics, play-doh and the iPad/iPhone. We're working on potty training and sleeping through the night.

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