End of the Short Course Season

Sunday, March 22, 2015
Just as the short course season in swimming comes to an end, the karting season starts and there is always a conflict. Chloe qualified for silver zone championships but was racing in Florida on the weekend of the swim meet. She qualified for a few events in the Bronze championship meet, longer lengths in strokes she hadn't swam much all season.
Since Chloe hadn't swam the longer lengths in breast and butterfly we didn't know how she would do. Well, she did fantastic, winning two events overall and placing 2nd in the other. Her times are all silver or better now. Pretty impressive for someone with her small frame.
After the event, a coach from another team came to find us and tell us he was so impressed by Chloe. He's leaving his current team and coming to coach for Chloe's swim team. He told us after Chloe competed in butterfly he got so excited and came to ask our coaches who she was because he couldn't wait to work with her.  He thought her butterfly was fantastic, complementing her on her stroke and technique and that she had a lot of potential. It was such a nice thing to hear and made her proud.
Chloe (purple suit) at the start of the heat. Chloe is always one of the smallest on the starting blocks--small, but MIGHTY!

Emma Claire with a ring pop.

Oliver and Emma Claire. Oliver always finds a friend at a swim meet and plays. He loves swim meets and making new friends.

Chloe swimming in competition.

Chloe pulling out a large lead in breast stroke.

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